Answered: the things you hope never change about Asheville, NC

Photo by @fairfortunephoto

We love sharing news of growth + change in Asheville, but sometimes we want to take a moment and focus on the things about our city that we love and hope will last. We asked y’all to tell us about the local things you hope never change. Read on to discover what readers want to stick around forever in our beloved city. 

“I hope the mountains 🏔 don’t change.” — @bossnerdbrian

“The Art Deco buildings.” — @ashevillerooftopbartours

“My current rent price.” — @ted.kendrick

“Salvage station 🖤 “— @laysonderulo

“Nothing, keep changing and evolving Asheville!” — @asullivan315

“Shindig on the Green and Downtown After 5.” — @kelso5656

“We hope @rosettaskitchen stays open forever and continues to offer the sliding scale everyone eats program!!!” — @frannysfarmacywnc

“Year pass at Biltmore Estate.” — @endesign_1

“Malaprops Bookstore/Cafe.” — @troop1120

“The mountain views. Delicious local food options, people.” — @bluemountainyogini

“Protests at Pack Square.” — @alisonpress

“The ability for artists to be able to live in Asheville.” — @jromagic

“The forest. Please stop new developments.” — @aprilmayapples

“The Bluegrass scene 🪕 💙” — @evansonofdad