Can you master this Asheville crossword puzzle?

Photo by @cailyn_b.d.

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Here at AVLtoday, we love a good puzzle especially if it helps us learn more about our beloved city.  

So, as you’re easing back into the workweek (hello again, Tuesday ☕️) and into 2021, give this Asheville-centric crossword puzzle a try. Nothing like small wins to build up some positive momentum. An even better idea? Invite a friend to fill it in, too – and see who can complete it faster. That sounds like the perfect antidote for post-lunch slump.

Show off your knowledge | Gif by Giphy

How to play

  • You can also download a copy of the crossword to print
  • If playing virtually, correct answers will stay highlighted
  • To start over, hit “Reset”
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The puzzle 



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