The absolute best French fries in Asheville, NC

The kimchi fries from White Labs Kitchen + Tap I Photo by @asheville_bites

The humble potato is a beloved + revered root vegetable that is arguably never better than when it’s sliced, fried, and salted to perfection in the form of french fries. We asked y’all last month where you go for these most sumptuous spuds, and in honor of National French Fry Day, we’re highlighting 6 you shouted out that have been tested and approved by yours truly. 

They’re known for their sandwiches, but the fries from Baby Bull are seriously delicious. I Photo by AVLtoday team.

Baby Bull, 1 Roberts St.

Known for its decadent sandwiches, the fries — cooked in beef tallow and served with an aioli dipping sauce — practically overshadow the eatery’s famous handhelds

Bouchon, 62 N Lexington Ave.

Sprinkled with Herbes de Provençe and served with red pepper mayo, these pommes frites are arguably the perfect thing to nosh on while you’re here in the Paris of the South. Beret optional. 

Buxton Chicken Palace, 56 Patton Ave.  

Two words: waffle fries. Those little nooks + crannies hold all the ketchup and other sauces (like that white bbq) and make every bite perfect. 

Gan Shan West, 285 Haywood Rd.

With dumplings, ramen, and that record-setting rice bowl, french fries may not be top of mind when you think of this pan-Asian West Asheville spot, but a taste of its Japanese frieswith spicy mayo, sweet soy, togarashi, furikake, and scallion — and you’ll never forget them.


The jalapeno + onion fries from the Laughing Seed are spectacular. I Photo by @asheville_bites

Laughing Seed Cafe, 40 Wall St.

This vegetarian restaurant punches up its fries with jalapeños and onions for a divinely simple and subtly spicy side dish. 

White Labs Kitchen and Tap, 172 S. Charlotte St.

Everything on White Labs’ menu highlights fermentation, but it’s the french fries that are the real star. Brined for 24 hours in lactobacillus and topped with brisket, housemade kimchi, furikake, green onion, sweet soy + yum yum sauce, they’re unlike anything else you’ve ever had.