How to celebrate Pi(e) Day in Asheville

OWL Bakery. Photo by @nicolemcconville
OWL Bakery. Photo by @nicolemcconville

Tomorrow is March 14 – that’s 3.14, better known as Pi Day. In case you forgot all your maths, the number pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and its approximate value is 3.14. The value of pi was discovered by Greek mathematician + inventor Archimedes back in the 2nd century B.C.E. (he’s also the guy who’s famous for yelling “Eureka!”). The symbol π was first used in 1706.

And now that class is dismissed, you’re probably craving more sweet knowledge. Lucky for you, Pi Day is also allll about…well, pie. Get it? So while we may not remember everything from pre-calculus, we’re sure our teachers would be proud that we’re celebrating – and also supporting local piemakers.

To get ready for this unofficial holiday, we asked you who bakes your go-to pies in town. Here’s who you recommend. Bonus: keep reading for two special events to celebrate Pi(e) Day here in Asheville.


🥧 A little savory

Pot Pie |📍202 Stone Ridge Blvd., Asheville 202-3 | Pot Pie will offer 20% off for Pi(e) Day.

You said: “@potpiegirl chicken cordon bleu pot pie for savory pies” – @sm.mcdowell

Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack |📍1455 Patton Ave., West Asheville; 3749 Sweeten Creek Rd., South Asheville

You said: “@rockyshotchickenshack ‘s chicken pot pie!” – @dayzie5517


🥧 A little sweet

Baked Pie Company |📍50 N. Merrimon Ave, North Asheville; 4 Long Shoals Rd., South Asheville | Baked got the most shout-outs on our request for pie recommendations. Baked will offer $3.14 for a slice (normally $5.49) and $3.14 off a pie flight or a whole pie for Pi(e) Day.

You said: “@bakedpiecompany blueberry muffin pie and Atlantic beach pie for sweet pies” – @sm.mcdowell

Buxton Hall Barbecue |📍32 Banks Ave., South Slope | Shout-out to James-Beard nominated pastry chef Ashley Capps.

You said: “@buxtonhallbbq hands down!” – @mountainmama_avl

Filo |📍1155 Tunnel Rd., East Asheville

You said: “Maria Papanastasiou’s Pecan Pie, hands down the best!” – @eastvillagegrille

OWL Bakery |📍295 Haywood Rd., West Asheville

Sweetheart Bakery |📍Special order pies here |  Sweetheart also does savory pies.

Well-Bred |📍6 Boston Way, Asheville, Biltmore Village; 26 N. Main St., Weaverville

You said: “I love the key lime pie from @wellbred_bakery” – @dayzie5517


🥧 Pi(e) is better with friends

…So hit these events to celebrate together.

Wine and Pie Flight Pairing | Thurs., Mar. 14 | plēb urban winery | 289 Lyman St. | $14 | Try three wines + three slices from Baked Pie Company.

2019 Pi(e) Day Fun Run | Sun., Mar. 17 | UNC Asheville | $15 | Run, walk, or skip 3.14 miles and bring a homemade pie for a bake-off competition.