Four local petfluencers to follow in Asheville, NC

Bev's smile is almost as big as a mountain range. I Photo by @bev_the_bully
If you’re the parent of an animal, you know that your four-legged friend carries a lot of influence over your life — both on and off the screen. That’s why we’re delving into the world of Petstagram (that’s pets-focused Instagram) to bring you four local petfluencers you need to follow on social media right now. 


The urge to boop this snoot is strong. I Photo by @bev_the_bully


Beverley, @bev_the_bully | 7,388 followers

Let’s start with her bio: “Bev the Bully of House Canon, first of her name, pup of unhearing, queen of the toots, breaker of wind, daughter of two obsessed humans.”

As if that weren’t enough to steal your heart, just get a load of that egg-shaped head, those sweet eyes, and that grin. From cuddling with her newborn human sibling to snoozing at home and exploring the city, her feed is full of adorable antics that show just what a certified heart thief this bull terrier is. And we don’t mind one little bit. 


We need to have Taco Tuesday with this Southern gentleman, stat. I Photo by @british_butterbiscuit


Butter Biscuit, @british_butterbiscuit  | 4,552 followers

We’re pretty sure this British Shorthair is the inspiration behind “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winner BeBe Zahara Benet’s song “Facebecause that’s exactly what Butter serves on the regular. Whether he’s fundraising for local community veterinary assistance organization Asheville Cat Weirdos, cat napping with his feline siblings, or celebrating holidays with aplomb, we simply can’t get enough of this one of a kind rescue feline’s petfluence

Obviously, it’s not a party until these two show up. I Photo by @drunkwithpugs

Navy and Rosie, @drunkwithpugs  | 2,385 followers

Tongues out Tuesday? Try everyday with these adorable senior rescue pugs whose tongues famously refuse to be housed inside their mouths. In fact, their tongues (and faces) are so popular they even have their own line of merch, where a portion of proceeds benefit the animal rescues the pups were adopted from. Often seen being pushed around town in a stroller, this duo epitomizes joy and encourages everyone to live every day to the fullest

I would absolutely share my bed with Ginger, the mini horse. I Photo by @summitcoffeegrove

Ginger, the mini emotional support horse

And an honorable mention goes to Ginger, the mini emotional support horse. While we can’t find any record of her or her dad on social media — meaning no IG page — she’s been featured in the Asheville Citizen-Times, WLOS, and AVLtoday via one of her favorite haunts, Summit Coffee at the Grove Arcade. The famous mini horse resides in the nearby Battery Park apartments and is frequently seen out + about