The history of snow in Asheville, NC

Snowfall in the Blizzard of '93 | Photo by Steve W.

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Raise your hand if you remember Asheville’s Blizzard of ‘93. 🙋 

ICYMI (or were just a wee little snowflake at the time), here’s what happened: On March 13, Ashevillians woke up to a blizzard that lasted for two days, bringing in 16-20 inches of fresh powder in total. 

Us, Southerners, trying to act like a little snow doesn’t bother us. | Photo by Sara J.

While the day did bring its fair share of grief, like major lightning storms + the National Guard having to drop hay in by plane to keep livestock from starving, it’s certain that residents also celebrated the snowfall with sledding, snowball fights + some of the best snowmen we’ve probably ever made (in my family, anyway)

Here are some more snowtable fast facts about Asheville’s relationship with snow days: 

❄️ Other heavy snowfalls Asheville experienced: 

  • 15 in. of snow, April 4, 1987
  • 15 in. of snow, Jan. 26, 1906
  • 11 in. of snow, Dec. 18, 2009

❄️ The snowiest calendar months for Asheville:

  • January (1.9 days average snowfall)
  • February (1.5 days average snowfall)
  • March (.9 days average snowfall)

❄️ The earliest snowfall Asheville experienced: 

  • Oct. 23, 1923

❄️ The latest snowfall Asheville experienced: 

  • April 25, 1910

And before you start Instacarting the milk, and the bread, and the eggs this year, know that meteorologists are predicting the weather to be warmer than normal this year – meaning we’ll likely see a little less snow than average throughout the end of winter. However, we could also have a white Christmas (here’s hoping). ❄️