Your local 2021 horoscopes for Asheville, NC


2020 wasn’t exactly the easiest of years, but we Ashevillians are optimistic. We’re looking ahead to a better + brighter 2021 – and to help get you get in the spirit, we’re sharing these locally-inspired horoscopes to get you motivated for the year ahead. 

To create our predictions, we researched what some nationally-known experts are saying about the heavens (we link to a few of our inspirations in the trivia below), as well as asked two of our leading AVL astrologersRa Ma and Virginia Rosenberg – for their stellar opinions. So, whether you plan your days based on your birth chart or you’re here just for fun, read on to see what 2021 has in store, based on your stars

Before we dig into each sign, here’s a little trivia about the year ahead –

  • Most astrologers agree that 2021 will be less tumultuous than 2020, and it will be an especially good year to draw abundance into your life. It will also be a time to come up with improved ways to organize our lives. 
  • Planetary movements will play a key role (as they always do in astrology). Some highlights: The positions of Jupiter, Venus + Saturn will enhance the importance of community in our lives. And, Saturn’s move into Aquarius is one that historically comes with some big shifts – the last time it was there, the internet was introduced to the public. See the precise movements of celestial bodies with these charts
  • In the Chinese zodiac, 2021 is the Year of the Ox. This year, the element associated with the ox is metal (2020 was also a metal year, but was the Year of the Rat). For all signs of the Chinese zodiac, the year will bring prosperity and luck in business ventures, as well as wellness. Experts say to be on the lookout for new career opportunities as well. DYK: The Chinese New Year is a lunar event, usually celebrated between mid-January and February. This year it’s on Feb. 12.

Read on to discover what the stars predict for the year ahead, Asheville-style – including both Ra Ma’s and Virginia’s takes on 2021 for each sign.

Here’s what RaMa has to say generally about how things are looking for 2021: 

2021 marks radical territory as both Jupiter and Saturn square Uranus in Taurus; the teaching archetypes of expansion and contraction create challenges and opportunities for growth where lasting solutions are born through our connection to Mother Earth. A freedom quest will likely disrupt political and financial paradigms that are as outdated as dinosaurs to the new wave consciousness that is emerging within the blink of an eye. Genius solutions will inspire global standards to normalize solar, wind, and water power, however right use of technology must be at the forefront of all global roundtables. The Aquarian Age is all about shifting from me to WE consciousness; the adage think globally, act locally is the gold standard. The greatest way to contribute in these times is for you to commit to your deep inner ecological work, hold those whom you love close, and align your sacred currencies of how you spend your time and money with your true-hearted values.

And here’s Virginia’s take on what’s in store for the year ahead:

2021 is a collective call for change. Life will always grow up through cracks in the pavement. The old ways weren’t working, so this year we forge new connections and innovate old ways of being. There isn’t much stability to be found in the year ahead, so be ready to adapt and fine-tune your flexibility. Expect the unexpected. Make changes that help you to feel free and sovereign. The future is here, now. Each of us is essential to creating it. What kind of world do you want to live in, and who will you collaborate with to bring it into being? In order to build the new, we have to think differently than ever before. Rather than get stuck in polarized belief systems or ideological divides, seek common ground. Be curious and willing to learn. Share your truth. Relate through differences. See the humanity in everyone. Affirm the ways we are all interconnected and interdependent. When we free ourselves from fear, we set each other free.



March 21-April 19

Virginia says: This year, you’re all about community. Moving into the future will take people power. Teamwork is dreamwork! Expand your network. Commit to collaboration and make use of your gifts to perform a purpose for the public. Whether you get involved on a team or just make a plan to spend more time with your family and friends, your own propensity to be an influence close to home will be a theme of your entire year. Remember, even though getting bogged down in seemingly small details can be annoying to you, change happens one step at a time

Our take: Feeling civically inclined, Aries? Now may be the perfect moment to join one of our city boards + commissions to help make local decisions. Or, you could simply decide to support local when you shop. Whatever you decide to do, know that your local actions will have far-reaching impact – for you and the community you love.   



April 20-May 20

Virginia says: This year, you hold a lot of impact and influence. 2021 offers opportunities to expand and restructure your career, public presence, and life path. Shed what you have outgrown, and recommit to what works. It is time to carve out your place in the grand scheme of things. Avoid overextending yourself with obligations that are out of integrity. Pursue projects that feel genuinely authentic and fulfilling. Stay honest, and people will gather around you to pursue a common purpose. Get clear on your goals and long term life direction. Live by your own definition of success. What does the world need now? What feels important to achieve? Decide what you want to be known for. What legacy will you leave?

Our take: 2020’s mile-a-minute shifts were likely hard on you, Taurus, so you’ll be ready for some of the peacefulness 2021 will bring. This year continues the shifts, so keep your spirits up and indulge your need for self-care and luxury by planning some spa days throughout the year (try to hit a few of our local spots, like Shoji, the Omni Grove Park Inn, and Hot Springs – read all about the history of that last one before you go).



May 21-June 20

Virginia says: This year, expand your horizons. Go on a new adventure. Open beyond what you know. Travel in mind, body, and spirit. Discover more about yourself and life through higher education. Go on a quest for truth and share your findings with the wider world. Connect with spiritual philosophies that put you in touch with a higher power or broader perspectives on life. Not going far from home? Explore these ancient mountains. Get out and hike the trails. See the views. Look out at the horizon to find meaning and hope. Where do you place your faith? What else is possible? Widen your lens to see visions of the future.

Our take: Ready to hit the road (or trail) and get started on those adventures? Get out into our gorgeous mountains – here’s a hiking + running guide to start your planning. This is also a great year to jump into a new project you’ve been wanting to take on for a while. Sign up for some local classes and workshops (maybe through UNC Asheville’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute or Great Smokies Writing Program, the Flat Iron Writer’s Room, or Lenoir-Rhyne’s Equity and Diversity Institute). 



June 21-July 22

Virginia says: This year, embrace the unknown. Get ready to go deep. 2021 is a healing year that leads to total transformation. Your intuition and instincts heighten as you explore hidden realms within. Shadows emerge. Secrets reveal. Shine a light on repressed feelings and unresolved situations passed down through generations. Honor your ancestors. Research where you came from to gain more self-understanding. You are more powerful than you know. Be willing to let go of psychological and emotional attachments that are holding you back from living fully. Embrace the mystery. This is a great time to do therapy, develop intimacy, and work towards renewal.

Our take: Enjoy the opportunity to explore what’s close by as you explore your own depths – finding your place in the world here and now will ground your dive into yourself + your own heritage. Our tip? Head to some neighboring communities, like Hendersonville and Black Mountain, to get to know some of our sweet mountain towns and all the history + culture they offer that you might not be familiar with yet.



July 23-August 22

Virginia says: This year, invest in real relationships. 2021 is a year to share the spotlight and co-create. Be yourself. Risk putting yourself out there truthfully, regardless of who likes it. Gain clarity about who your people are, as you’ll be committing to your most authentic connections. Some relationships will fall away if you’ve outgrown them. As you move to express your gifts to the wider public, build partnerships with people who truly see you and honor your talents. Develop bonds based on mutual respect and equality. Learn when to cultivate contact and when to take space. The key to connection is allowing everyone to be who they really are.

Our take: 2020 gave us lots of new virtual ways to connect, and there will be more opportunities to forge relationships with the people you care about and open doors for new friendship + collaboration. While we’re all still taking safety precautions, you’re the perfect host for friends and family who have been longing to get out of town and visit the mountains safely. We suggest taking them to visit some of our local breweries, or playing tour guide at the Biltmore Estate or on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Be sure to balance social excitement with rest + recovery for yourself – here’s our guide to mental health + self-care resources to help with that.



August 23-September 22

Virginia says: This year, establish habits that improve your life. You are starting a new cycle of work, service, and health. Change your job, or find ways to work more wisely. Redesign your lifestyle to increase your autonomy and support your well-being. Organize your time wisely. Eliminate useless tasks. Mindful diet and a consistent exercise routine will support you in your progress. The year ahead is busy. You have a lot to give, and you are honing many new skills. Simplify your schedule where you can, and be sure to support yourself with regular bouts of restful alone time. This is a great year to participate in the many wellness opportunities Asheville has to offer!

Our take: You have a lot coming your way this year after working really hard to make the best of a challenging 2020. Prepare to figure out what’s really worth your time and effort and you’ll be rewarded. We recommend planning some hikes in our beautiful natural settings to help you center and listen to your inner voice. Want to try something totally new? Check out our pieces on Wim Hof and kambo.



September 23-October 22

Ra Ma says: 2021 is asking you to focus on your passion, pleasure, and creativity through the Beauty Way. You are being asked to activate your inner child, whether that is through tending to your own children, reaching out to the youth in our local community, or birthing new projects that literally light you up. As you follow your wild-hearted bliss, you are building your work in the world, meanwhile learning more about discernment and how to be in right relationship with power.

Our take: While you’ve always had a strong sense of who you are + your values, you’ll have even more breakthroughs this year that will help you feel confident and in ownership of your strengths. Put that motivation to work by lending a hand locallyit will be a good way to start re-expanding your social circles when it’s safe to do so, as well.



October 23-November 21

Ra Ma says: 2021 wishes for you to anchor into all things home. What roots you to Earth? How do you call upon your ancestral lineage? Now is the time to commune with those who came before. As you commit to this path, the invitation is to dive into the subterranean like a true scorpion with raw instincts aroused. The potential is to redefine your own personal mythos. Ultimately this inner work is deep, so brace yourself for great transformation, particularly on the relationship front. Know that the ones that are meant to go the distance will, therefore allow the toxic connections to gracefully fall away.

Our take: Feeling ready for that deep work + transformation? We recommend really exploring your creative side by checking out some of our local artist + maker spaces, or finally jumping on that coworking pass and carving away some time for your professional pursuits or passion projects.



November 22-December 21

Ra Ma says: 2021 awakens the channels of your voice like never before. What do you wish to learn? What do you long to express? This year pushes you to align your bow and arrow through the stratus of the mind. Lean in. Be curious. Reach out to your sisters and brothers, network with your neighbors. Self-discipline is essential. As you apply yourself in your immediate environment your service and greater work in the world amplifies exponentially.

Our take: Take the opportunity this year to truly become a local expert this piece on the history of Montford is a great place to start, or maybe you’d rather dive into the history of the S&W Cafeteria? And, remember to attune to your own well-being– it might be a perfect moment to kickstart your yoga practice



December 22-January 19

Ra Ma says: 2021 demands that your ambitions are devoted to the expansion of your personal resources. How you earn and spend your money is an essential skill to develop, however the strategy is to apply these codes to your sacred life force, your holy time and attention. The stars beckon you to develop greater self love practices, and in turn you become crystal clear on your values. Illumination is yours when you anoint your standards with juicy passion and love so that life becomes sacred reciprocity. 

Our take: Self love sounds great, and what better way to kick it off than planning a cottagecore vacation (or staycation) to help you settle and steer your course for the future? Not ready to commit to a full vacay? Use our guide to inspire a new aesthetic for your homebase.



January 20-February 18

Ra Ma says: 2021 welcomes you to the house of rebirth and renewal. A time of benevolent new beginnings is upon you as your Age has finally arrived. Most likely you yearn to radically shift your connection to your identity as you question Who am I? Ultimately you are being shaken to your core, deep down to your bones. Know that you’ve agreed to be a living manifestation of the archetype of this Age of Aquarius. As your outer self transforms, the foundation of your psychological roots stir within the cauldron of all that is most precious and private. Look to Mother Moon’s changing tides throughout the year for illumination and flow. 

Our take: The dreams + visions you had last year are ready to be formed and created, Aquarius, and now is clearly your time to shine. So start signing up for those entrepreneurial pitch parties, as well as a few creative workshops, to keep it all organized and flowing.



February 19-March 20

Ra Ma says: 2021 washes you with the waves of the collective soul, and you will most likely find yourself devoted to higher ideals and spiritual values than ever before. With Saturn traversing your twelfth house, some days may honestly feel dark, dank, and gloomy. The way through is selfless social service. Tend to those who are in need, paying off the ghosts of the past through your creative compassion. You may be challenged in how you communicate, as your psyche is getting a thorough cleansing. Betroth your hermetic soul, stay curious, and expand your intelligence as this year has the potential to activate your super intuitive channel.

Our take: If you catch yourself ruminating on the events of last year, Pisces, remember to refocus on the present and really experience the here + now and set your goals to step into a brighter future. We like the locally-relevant metaphor of the Pit of Despair, a city-owned block of mostly barren asphalt, becoming the Slope of Hope – a thriving community space filled with trees, gardens, shops + more. So take a deep breath and feel yourself grow. 

Meet our astrologers

Ra Ma 

Ra Ma is a highly observant soul-soother, change-maker, and alchemist who utilizes astrology as a means to midwife cosmic evolution. Sacred site actictivations and Priestess Arts for the Aquarian Age are the backbone of her work. Ra Ma has called Asheville her home since 1999 and raises her daughter in these Blue Ridge Mountains. She serves the community through many means, namely over seven years of devotion to the Board of the French Broad Food Coop. You may tune into her podcast Stars, Stones, and Stories or learn more about her work at her website. Follow @ramatribe on Instagram, Facebook, Patreon, Twitter, and Tik Tok for starry wisdom.

Virginia Rosenberg

Virginia Rosenberg is an intuitive astrologer for social change who has been living in Asheville since January 2010. She is a mother, a dirt-worshipper, a realm-journeyer, and a word wizard. She views astrology as a language of nature that heals, guides, and connects. Her viral writings on astrology and spirituality have been translated into multiple languages to serve the global public. Visit her website and read her bi-monthly Moon Reports with forecasts for your signs. Sign up for her 2021 Astrology Course and/or Cosmic Calendar to guide your year here. Find her on Instagram at @virginiarosenberg.