3 tips from MB HAYNES after 100 years in business

Back of construction worker looking at construction workers in the mountains
MB HAYNES has officially been serving the AVL community for 100 years | Image provided

This year, an AVL business is celebrating something special: MB HAYNES has officially joined the centenarian club. (Read: they’re officially 100 years old.) The company first opened its doors for electrical services in 1921, aka the year F. Scott Fitzgerald published his first novel. 🤯 

Since then, MB HAYNES expanded its services to include plumbing, HVAC + more. And along the way, they’ve picked up some pretty quality tips about how to build workplace culture, scale business, and recruit great people

Here are 3 things they’ve learned after a century in business: 

  1. Invest in your employees. In 2019, MB HAYNES created an Employee Stock Program and now the company is 100% employee-owned. 
  2. Prioritize continuing education. Did you know they run an award-winning apprenticeship program
  3. Stay flexible + open-minded. According to VP Tamera Edwards, adapting to new technologies and practices goes a long way toward keeping the lights on. 💡

So, what’s next for MB HAYNES? Continuing to do what they do best: building relationships and providing top-notch services to WNC bizzes + residents. Ⓟ