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Tell us when you’ll be ready to get back to normal post-quarantine

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As more businesses in NC slowly begin reopening, we’ve heard from readers with questions + concerns about when life could start getting back to normal. Today, we wanted to check in with you about how you’re feeling – and when you’ll personally feel ready to step back into restaurants, movie theaters, concert venues + more. We’ve created a short poll to collect your feedback, and we’ll share the results in a newsletter next week. And thanks to The Hustle for this article, which provided the original inspiration. 

Here’s where we are now:

  • We are currently mid-way through Phase One of Governor Roy Cooper’s reopening plan for the state
  • Retailers are permitted to reopen, if they can accommodate social distancing + regular sanitizing
  • Restaurants can continue to offer takeout and delivery options only (check out AIR’s updated restaurant list here)
  • Employers who can accommodate work-from-home are asked to do so
  • Gatherings of no more than 10 people are permitted
  • Parks can reopen

Here’s what’s up next:

Phase Two of NC’s reopening plan is tentatively slated to begin at least two to three weeks after Phase One. This timeframe is dependent on certain benchmarks being met during Phase One, including a decrease in the number of cases and positive tests, a decrease or sustained leveling in hospitalizations, and increases in testing capacity, contract tracing, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

That’s what we’re allowed to do. But what will you actually be comfortable doing as quarantine lifts? We want to hear from you. Take our survey below (now through Tuesday, May 19) to share your thoughts on when it will be safe to do things like eat at restaurants, enjoy an outdoor concert, or travel.