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VOICES: Jenn Paul // Finding new work + meaning in the pandemic with food trucks

Photo by Tim Burchfield

By Jenn Paul, a resident of Fletcher who lost her job due to COVID-19 but found a new one booking and coordinating weekly food trucks. This is a contributor-submitted Voices piece. Want to join the conversation? We invite you to write for us. Learn how to share your voice here.

During the pandemic, local food trucks have been an extra special treat and are very much looked forward to every week. It started by coincidence and chance, and has grown into a weekly event in our community here in Fletcher.

One day, Sierra Nevada was parked at the South Target parking lot, and my husband and I ordered some of their amazing food. I happened to ask if they ventured out into different communities. The next thing I know, they’re parked at our community pool a few weeks later in what was a very stormy, windy afternoon and they did extremely well. So we booked another food truck. And then another. With all the turmoil and negativity regarding COVID, this what is now looked forward to by many people on a weekly basis. For some that are immuno-compromised, it’s been they’re only time out since COVID began.

I didn’t think I’d go from doing what I loved for the past eight years at part-time time job to getting furloughed, then laid off, to booking and coordinating weekly food trucks, but here I am. Supporting local is more important than ever now, and the owners of the food trucks have been more than grateful. It’s been a tremendous win-win for us all. We will continue hosting our weekly food trucks friends now and post-COVID. It has boosted morale and brought people together, albeit safely and securely. Our community has a love for great food, and our local food trucks sure have gone above and beyond to deliver with their culinary expertise, great service, and friendly hospitality.