Rabbit Rabbit: Coming soon to the South Slope

Photo by @rabbitrabbitavl

Rabbit Rabbit will open soon at 75 Coxe Ave. This new outdoor event venue, created by Asheville Brewing Company + The Orange Peel, will offer live music, movie screenings, community events + more. 🎸🍿 They’ll also have food + drinks from Asheville Brewing, food trucks + other craft breweries. 

The fully open-air venue is on a large lot (over an acre) and has been designed to help people stay safe and six feet apart. They’ll be open regular hours every day (not just during event times) but you’ll need to reserve a table because of COVID-19 restrictions. They’ll share updates on shows and events in the next couple of weeks. 

The space includes plenty of room for a stage, seating to watch the show or grab a bite, rooftop seating atop the former Wells Fargo drive-through, and a mural wall

The rooftop seating at Rabbit Rabbit | Photo by @rabbitrabbitavl


The mural wall at Rabbit Rabbit | Photo by @rabbitrabbitavl

Why the name? According to the founders, “Rabbit Rabbit” is a phrase that has been used for generations to call in good luck: “The story goes that if the very first words you utter on the first day of each new month are ‘Rabbit Rabbit!’, you’ll have good luck all month long.” It also pays homage to the quick responsiveness of the animal. And because it’s a partnership, it just makes sense that there are two rabbits. 🐇🐇

Here’s what a few of you had to say over on social media about the new venue + community gathering spot

“We thought this was genius in the Before Times! Now? Essential! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 “ – @li5aluna

“This is awesome! So happy they were able to bring this vision to life!” – @triangulardaisies

“Cool…so where do we park? 😬” – @wistfulwinterest

About that parking question – patrons will have access to the county deck attached to the Health Department, which has 650+ spaces and is open 24/7. They’re also encouraging folks to ride their bikes and get creative with multi-modal transportation.

Follow Rabbit Rabbit on Instagram + Facebook for updates. And ICYMI, our earlier piece on the collab details all the things they hope to offer, from pop-up art installations to kids’ dance parties, Shakespeare on the Slope, sports events, farmers markets + more.