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Good morning, Asheville. Ali here. Here at AVLtoday we’re always looking for ways to help Ashevillians become the most engaged + in-the-know citizens they can be. And, now more than ever, I know we can’t do that alone. That’s where our community publishing platform, Voices, comes in.

All of us have stories to tell. And the recent updates and precautions mean that some of us have a little more time on our hands. So we’re going to publish your reader-submitted content right on our site, then push out to our newsletter audience of 40,000.

Here’s what we’re looking for –

  • First person. Experiences about local life. Do you have a first-person story that needs to be told?
  • Passion pieces. Write what you know. Are you an expert on a subject that relates to your city? Have a strong opinion about a controversial topic? A deep knowledge of local history?
  • Experiential articles. Do you have a unique job or see the city in a different way because you just moved here? Just what we’re looking for.
  • Links + details to provide more context. This can include quotes from others.
  • Photos – The more, the better. (Video, too.)
  • 500 words or less. We’ll publish longer ones for sure, but try to keep those word counts down.
  • Voices isn’t a place for self promo or press releases. Send those to hello@avltoday.com. Have questions about advertising? Click here.

Want to join the conversation? Check out our past Voices pieces (which range from photo essays to history pieces, unique experiences + more), and then tell us your story.

See all of the guidelines and send us your submission here.

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