What your zip code says about you in Asheville, NC

Photo of downtown Asheville by @lynnnzworld

Want to know if your surroundings scream country haven, family-friendly, or hipster paradise?

You can discover what your neighborhood trends say about you with Esri’s interactive Tapestry map. The tech company analyzes zip code data to define the characteristics of individuals in neighborhoods using a process called segmentation.

The segmentation and income analysis of Asheville’s 28806 zip code. | Screen grab courtesy of Esri

How it works

This tool sorts areas into 67 unique categories, or segments, based on demographics and socioeconomic characteristics such as age, income + population — meaning it tells us generally who we are and what we have in common with our neighbors.

Users can input zip codes or click around the map to explore segments that best describe a particular area. In most cases, the results show the top 3 segments that define a neighborhood.

For example, you’ll discover groups like emerald city (a mix of renters and home-owners who enjoy foodie culture, music, and arts) and green acres (avid, do-it-yourself folks who enjoy gardening, outdoor living, etc.).

Asheville’s tapestry

  • The city’s downtown core is a mixed bag of the social security set (65+ and living on fixed incomes), emerald city, and college town demographic, which includes folks who both attend and work for higher ed (most likely UNC Asheville or AB-Tech).
  • In West Asheville, you’ll find primarily emerald city folks. Closer to Candler are southern satellites (older, more settled-down + cost-conscious) and midlife constants (retired or close to retirement; enjoys tradition over trends) are more prevalent. 
  • Most common in South Asheville (which spans from Biltmore Village down to Arden) is middleburg, which reflects traditional, family-oriented folks in semi-rural areas who are online often. Old and newcomers (budget conscious, middle class residents with a strong sense of community) are also prevalent. 
  • North Asheville has the highest number of in style folks, i.e. people with a higher disposable income who embrace the arts, travel, and extensive reading.
  • East Asheville trends towards old and newcomers, as well as in style folks + retirement communities.

Outside of the segmentation tool, you can do a deeper dive into trending habits based on zip code, right down to shopping preferences + credit card debt (not creepy at all). 

Ready to explore your own neighborhood? Check out the map and let us know below if the tool has your personality and lifestyle pegged.