A collaborative Asheville Spotify playlist

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Heya, Asheville. Ali here. I don’t know about y’all, but now that I’m at home more I’m spending a lot of time listening to my favorite tunes – and discovering new sounds I can sway to.

That got me thinking about our AVLtoday: Community Playlist, which we created last summer for all our fellow Ashevillians + Asheville fans everywhere. The goal? To make an Asheville playlist for locals, by locals – that also features tons of our local musicians. And, of course it’s going to be great to have handy when your friends eventually pay a visit to the 828.

You all added your fave tunes last year, and this time around Brook and I also added our personal faves, like:

  • “When You Get to Asheville” by Steve Martin + Edie Brickell
  • “I’ll See Your Crazy and Raise You Mine” by Jane Kramer
  • “Expectations” by Tall Tall Trees
  • “My City Has Lights” by Spaceman Jones and the Motherships
  • “The Life You Choose” by Jason Isbell
  • “The Overlook” by Koresma


Now it’s your turn. Simply create a free Spotify account (if you haven’t already), open the collaborative playlist, add the playlist to your library, and add songs that make you think of Asheville – whether they’re from local artists, remind you of our city or landscape, or are tied to a specific person or memory. *Note: Please try to keep your song choices non-explicit.

Once you’ve added your faves, enjoy this little piece of Asheville wherever you are – now and after quarantine ends.

Love this playlist? Share it with a friend so they can add their best AVL songs.

Bonus: Watch Don Clayton’s “Land of the Sky” music video featuring Woody Wood + Kat Williams. So many local hotspots in this video.



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