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Five years after the project began, the Buncombe County Special Collections team is continuing its work of safeguarding the history of African American Ashevillians.
We’ve narrowed down our poetry contest to these finalists: read and vote for your favorite poem.
Shannon Hitchcock’s latest book recounts the fierce dedication of the writer and environmentalist in a way people of all ages can enjoy.
Join the cleanups, crafting, parties, and promotions happening in honor of the world around us.
The 12th annual {Re}HAPPENING summons the participation, performance art, and innovation that made Black Mountain College a force in the international art world.
Eat and Drink
We have your go-to guide for delicious deals all week long.
For when you knead to know where to get the perfect breakfast.
The annual Dine To Be Kind fundraiser lets you support local animals while eating at some of your favorite spots.
From classic cheeseburgers to gourmet chili cheese dip burgers, this food fest is a paradise for burger enthusiasts.
Travel and Outdoors
Whether you’re a weekend warrior or the next Tiger Woods, these 12+ golf courses in Asheville are sure to make for a good round.
Learn how you can participate in this exciting agroforestry project.
It’s time to dust off the checkered picnic basket + blanket and take advantage of the fresh air.
We’re highlighting the 23 best parks that Asheville has to offer — complete with dog parks, sports facilities, and nature trails.
Real Estate
The City of Asheville is looking ahead to the next decade of local housing — and now’s your chance to be heard.
After the community weighed in, commissioners decided on a development of the properties that will help the County reach its affordable housing goals.
Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, learn about responsibilities and rights under the law — plus, some local resources and organizations.
The site will welcome a 4.7-acre bike park and walking trail by the end of summer.
The audit and its 108 recommendations will be used to inform the final report of the Community Reparations Commission and the County’s Strategic Plan 2030.
Asheville City Council unanimously approved changes to fees for metered street parking and parking garages.
The City of Asheville is inviting the community to meet with transportation staff to learn about initiatives and share feedback.

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