The ship and its crew, which were lost in WWII, will be honored with a monument at Riverside Cemetery.
An upcoming virtual event will present new information from the NC State Archives, guiding The RAIL Project’s mission to memorialize the incarcerated workers who built WNC’s railroads.
Learn a bit about the history behind the new additions — a home + historic district.
Plus, a chance to hear the sweet tunes for yourself at an upcoming concert.
We’re traveling all the way back to the 1910s in Asheville, NC where everything from aerial stunts to a great flood took place.
Consider these our Hollywood signs.
See the structures he created and how you can learn more about the architect’s work.
The museum opened Wednesday, Oct. 25 in Asheville’s oldest surviving house, the Smith-McDowell House.
Oral storytelling is a long-held, cross-cultural tradition in these parts — and it’s one that continues to this day.
The architect helped shape the Asheville landscape with his distinct geometric designs.
How well do you know Asheville? We’re bringing you some fun facts about the city and its history. If you’re a trivia master (or local enthusiast), give this a try.
While embarking on one of the first iterations of the great American road trip, this iconic group made several stops in and around the Land of the Sky — and you can follow their journeys too.
Learn about the history the historic space research station during this History Hour event.
The neighborhood is embracing the present and looking to the future through the lens of its past.
Whether you’re a history buff, art aficionado, or music lover, these 12 museums in Asheville have it all.
UNCA lecturer Dr. Casey King shares a theory as to why the earthquakes are happening.
A week of events hosted by MLK Asheville honors the history of Juneteenth.
She’ll be joined by percussionist River Guerguerian.
From Nina Simone and Roberta Flack to Billy Edd Wheeler.
Most of us probably don’t have our state flags memorized, but it’s worth studying up: Our flag’s design reflects centuries of history.
Discover the history of WNC inside Ashevilles’s oldest surviving house.
Catch this year’s White Squirrel celebration May 26-May 28.
Expect to hear the cicada choir singing these next few months.
Expect live music, art, stellar food, and a plant sale.
Next time you want some slow-cooked pig, these historic barbecue joints have you covered.
From the world’s heaviest twins to the largest gathering of Elvis impersonators, the 828 has its fair share of record holders.
Good news for Asheville.
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