7 pieces of advice from AVLtoday readers’ mothers

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re sharing the best advice readers have received from their moms.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day from AVLtoday.

Photo by Ali Raza

Last week, we asked readers to share the best advice they’ve gotten from their moms. Here are some of the answers we received, proving why mother knows best.

“The best advice I got from my mom was that I’m enough just as I am. No need for make up, no changing myself for someone else, no need to pretend to be anyone but me. If I had grown up in the digital age of social media, this would be even more valuable than it already was!” — Kelly Riedesel

“Double check your blind spots.” — Sarah Jane

“The best advice my mom ever gave me was ‘to thine own self be true.’ It has served me well at every stage of my life and I have come to understand it more as I age.” — Joan Haber

“Get some sleep and things will feel better in the morning.” — C Rodriguez

“Maybe not her best, but one I quote often: ‘If you don’t need it, then it’s not a bargain.’” — Julie Broshar

“My mom is so positive and kind to everyone she comes in contact with. Over the years I have watched her completely change the vibe of the room or someone’s mood just by being so kind in ordinary situations. Bottom line she makes the world a better place by showing kindness and leading with positivity. I try to do the same.” — Whitney Emerick

And now, for a sweet story...

“The best advice my Mom ever gave me was in these 6 words: ‘You’ll never know until you try.’ I was 14 years old, my sister married and moved 6,000 miles away to Buenos Aires, Argentina and we didn’t have much money to allow for travel to visit her. I wanted a job so I could save money to buy plane tickets.

My Mom suggested that I call our dentist to see if he’d hire me in some capacity. My reaction was: ‘Mom, what dentist would hire a 14 year old with braces and hair down yo her waist?’ My Mom’s advice was like a dare that I couldn’t ignore: ‘You’ll never know until you try.’ I started working a day or two later, after buying a uniform, and had that job all through junior high and high school.

While I lost my Mom at age 16, that ‘dare’ has stayed with me for life. It’s given me the confidence and courage to try and do things I wouldn’t have otherwise. I passed this advice along to my kids as they were growing up and they’ve in turn stretched themselves in many directions.” — Susan G Knapp

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