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Asheville arts + music by the numbers

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Photo by Alicia Zinn from Pexels

Photo by Alicia Zinn from Pexels

7,993: the number of jobs in Asheville’s creative sector according to a new report presented at the Asheville Area Arts Council’s 8th annual Creative Sector Summit.

It’s the first time data has been collected on creative jobs in Asheville, and the organizations behind the study including the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, the AAAC, the City, RAD Artists + the Center for Craft hope it will spur more development in the arts, including hiring leaders for the creative sector + applying for grants.

The tool behind the data is the Creative Vitality Suite, which is designed to help arts communities demonstrate creative impact.

Here’s the breakdown by profession:

Photographers: 1,036

Musicians & singers: 769

Writers & authors: 752

Graphic designers: 513

Fine artists: 328

Since 2015, creative job earnings have risen by 8% and total $397.8 million. The biggest increase has been in the music industry: Jobs have grown by 76% since 2010 (that’s a staggering 854% more than the national average). How much has that added to our regional economy? $171 million.

The numbers prove that our city is a good place to be creative. Bonus: Asheville ranks 1.25 on the Creative Vitality Scale. The national average is 1.

A specific music industry study was also done by the Asheville Chamber, in partnership with the Nashville Chamber to produce a case study showing the impact in the local economy, which overall is $383.4 million.

This really puts it in perspective: In 2017, a study from the Economic Development Coalition reported 2,571 jobs and $111 million in labor income in Asheville’s beer industry for 2016, with a growth of 754% since 2011. So while beer is big, the arts in Asheville may be even bigger. 🎨

This content was created in partnership with the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

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