The 10 best memes from the Asheville Sinkhole Group


Holene | Brittany Winters Giles on Asheville Sinkhole Group

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ICYMI, a sinkhole that opened at 1010 Merrimon Ave. in June has been getting a lot of press. The fault lies in a culverted (piped) stream underneath the privately-owned parking lot, and despite being filled in, it’s been slowly and steadily growing in front of a (fortunately) empty building between two shopping centers. The Asheville sinkhole has caused some serious issues – like a huge build-up of sediment in the nearby Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary – so to combat the stress of the situation, a troupe of wily Facebookers created the Asheville Sinkhole Group (also known as the Asheville Sinkhole Society) as a good-humored way to keep up with news and make the most out of a deepening situation. And the admin of the page is, of course, the sinkhole itself.

New materials for permanent repairs have arrived to remedy this un-holey situation, but even after the sinkhole is long gone, we’re betting you won’t have to dig too hard to find these high-quality memes. Props to our creative community for their humor + visual skills.

Caution: Not all memes are safe for work.

The Goonies | Mo Suzuki

Sinkhole cornhole | Zachary Ryan Myers

The Tethered emerge | Adam Christopher Lentini

The Neverending Story | Chris Bolm

Get your very own sinkhole art | Cyrus Glance

Holene | Brittany Winters Giles

A happy little sinkhole | Eva Williams Lentini

Tremors | Brittany Wager

We all float down here | Scott Clark Farley

Yes, the North Asheville library is still open | North Asheville Branch Library


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