#Answered: Top spots to roller skate in Asheville, NC

Photo by @gracefulopenletters

After Buncombe County lost its lone roller skating rink circa 2016, it seemed like the sport was all but done. But that’s changed dramatically in the past few years, with Asheville (and the rest of the country) now seeing a major roller skate resurgence.

And while Asheville still doesn’t have an official indoor rink — for now — there are plenty of parks + greenways around town that are perfect for taking a spin or testing out new tricks. Check ’em out below. 👇

Members of Asheville Roller Skate show off their swag | Photo by @kristenmariegreene

🏞️ Greenways

🛤️ Parks

  • Carrier Park Velodrome, 220 Amboy Rd. | Nicknamed the “MellowDrome,” this track (which used to house the motor speedway) features sweet, smooth + steeply banked oval tracks with straightaways and 180-degree circular bends.
  • Foundation Skatepark, 47 Foundy St. | A communal spot where skaters of all persuasions come to practice + master new tricks.  
  • Asheville Skatepark, 50 Cherry St. N. | This unique, 17,000 sqft facility has a beginner bowl, intermediate street course + advanced vertical bowl. 
  • French Broad River Park, 508 Riverview Drive | Loop around this riverfront park + connect to the French Broad River Greenway West for a longer ride.
  • Weaver Park, 200 Murdock Ave. | This ¼ mile, small-but-fun loop circles the playgrounds, baseball fields + basketball courts. 
  • RAD Skatepark, 37 Foundy St. | $10+ for non-members | This indoor skate park is perfect for a rainy day.

Want to connect with the greater roller skate community? Meet up with Asheville Roller Skate, who hosts “Skateville,” a weekly skate jam meetup for skaters of all levels that runs on Sunday from 3-5 p.m.