How to celebrate fall in Asheville, NC, based on your Enneagram type

From pumpkin carving to sampling + ranking seasonal sips, let your Enneagram type be your guide to awesome autumnal activities.

A close look at multiple, different colored fall leaves in Asheville

Everyone can appreciate this colorful autumn sight.

Photo by @adamgravett

Here at AVLtoday, we love both autumn and the Enneagram system of personality typing. Naturally, we thought combining the two to create a guide on how to celebrate the season locally based on your Enneagram type would be a blast.

Type OneThe Reformer
Rational and principled, Ones strive to improve the welfare of others, so volunteering at Eliada Homes’ annual Corn Maze is just the ticket.

Type TwoThe Helper
Twos are caring and generous, so you’ll want to do something to show your love. We suggest baking a fall treat, like these pumpkin pie spiced cookies from Spicewalla. Make sure to eat some, too.

Type Three The Achiever
Driven, competitive Threes are also known to give solid advice, so you should sample and rank all the local pumpkin spice lattes in AVL and clue your friends in to the best ones. Pro tip: start with Gallivant Coffee‘s Harvest Spice latte.

Type Four The Individualist
These sensitive and dramatic folks love creative self-expression. We can’t think of a better seasonal way to do this than carving a pumpkin into a piece of autumnal art. Pro tip: grab one from Grace Episcopal Church, where proceeds go to Consider Haiti.

Type FiveThe Investigator
Intense and cerebral, Fives love learning and the comforts of home. Dive into a spooky local podcast or novel.

Type SixThe Loyalist
Responsible and security-oriented Sixes are also sentimental and nostalgic. Try quintessential fall fun, like visiting an apple orchard or pumpkin patch.

Type Seven The Enthusiast
Variety is the spice of life for spontaneous, fun-loving Sevens. Check out the Halloween Bar Crawl or the Haunted Farm to feed your need for new and exciting experiences.

Type Eight The Challenger
Self-confident and powerful Eights love controlling their environment. Set the mood and host a Halloween party for your friends. Pro tip: hit up a local farmers market for supplies.

Type NineThe Peacemaker
Nines are easygoing and agreeable. Find peace and happiness by communing with nature and going leaf peeping.