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Home sweet home with these homeowner assistance programs

Ease some of the challenges of owning a home through help from Buncombe County + a few nonprofit partners.

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Programs from Buncombe County + local nonprofits can make homeownership a little easier.

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Owning a home can come with a lot of unexpected costs — things break out of nowhere, bills skyrocket during certain seasons, and improvements can sometimes seem out of reach. Luckily, Buncombe County and some local nonprofit partners have set up homeowner assistance programs to help mitigate a few of these challenges.

So make yourself at home because we’re going to give you a rundown of some of the programs on offer.

Note: Eligibility for these assistance programs is income-driven, so explore the requirements before you apply.

Septic repair assistance

If your septic system breaks, you’re in hot water. So the County offers grants for septic repair assistance to help with some of the expense. To qualify, you must be a Buncombe County resident who owns (and lives in) their home. You’ll need to apply for a repair permit from the County and get three contractor bids for the repairs, then submit your application either through the mail or email.

Weatherization services

If systems and materials in your home are out of date, the cost to repair or replace them can start adding up. Community Action Opportunities’ weatherization service provides safety and energy-efficiency improvements — everything from ventilation fans and insulation to carbon monoxide and smoke detectors — to qualified homeowners. The Heating/Air Repair and Replacement Program can help with broken or faulty air and heating systems.

Energy-efficient upgrades

Green Built Alliance’s Energy Savers Network offers comprehensive energy assessments and weatherization services to limited-income families in WNC as a way to combat high energy bills. The team can replace furnace filters, install storm window inserts, and even swap out old energy-inefficient light bulbs. Plus, this program is offered to both homeowners and renters.

Minor repairs + accessibility improvements

The Council on Aging of Buncombe County provides minor home repair and accessibility upgrades for eligible households with a person who is 60 years or older. The Council will send along a specialist and can install hand rails, shower wands, and other safety modifications.

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