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Unwritten rules of Asheville

Tell us you’re from Asheville without telling us you’re from Asheville.

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Learn all you need to know to run these streets.

“Downtown After Dark” by Lisa S.

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Whether you’re an Asheville native or relative newcomer, the Land of the Sky has its own set of rules that locals understand to be second nature. Think: specific city knowledge, trends, colloquialisms, or a strong opinion about swimming in the French Broad River.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the 828, here are a few unwritten rules (submitted by our readers) you may know to be true — and if you’re not from Asheville, these might be a little difficult to explain.

Support local

“Buy local, drink local, and tip, tip, tip.” — @lrowlandfinecontemporaryart

“Tip the bartenders and servers that run this city.” — @nikboda

Keep it casual

“It’s perfectly fine to go out to a nice dinner in flip flops and jeans & a t-shirt. In fact, if you’re too ‘dressed’ people will think you’re a tourist.” — @sorstudioavl

“Chacos are dressy as long as they’re your town Chacos and not your trail Chacos.” — @postwaffles

“Going on a hike, then going downtown to eat after in said dusty hiking gear is absolutely acceptable!” — @lila_rn

Stay right on the roads

“If the first car waiting at a red light hasn’t noticed that it’s turned green, give them a few seconds before honking. Maybe they’re just busy vibin’.’” — @ophidian_spindle

“Stop trying to turn left on Merrimon; it’s not going to happen.” — @findingmydrishti

“Don’t drive on Patton in West AVL at 5 p.m.” — @theemshea

“Only monsters drive on Wall Street.” — @yunz.are.sumthinelse

“Don’t tell anyone about your secret free street parking spot.” — @rdbarto

“I NEVER go anywhere without using GPS because you never know where traffic is going to back up (well, except for I-26 and Sweeten Creek, and, and, and… ).” — @marina.cora

Embrace authenticity (and your neighbors)

“It’s normal to see a nun with a mustache riding a bike downtown, squirting tourists with a water gun.” — Kelly H.

“Never ‘ogle’ at Ashevillians you might consider outlandishly dressed or styled.” — Steve H.

“Respect the queers. You have no idea how much power we have.” — @z.088.z

“Treat the homeless with respect. A lot of us are friends with them, and people don’t forget.” — @contrangea

“You’re allowed to cry in Chicken Alley.” — @bsundheim

Explore the outdoors responsibly

“Friends don’t let friends swim in the French Broad River.” — @j_jurassic33

“You must bring your dog everywhere you go.” — Elizabeth K.

“Leave No Trace when hiking, trail running, backpacking, etc. That includes apple cores, orange and banana peels, and of course, toilet tissue.” — Ann K.

“Wear hiking shoes with everything.” — Deborah H.

“Don’t touch the bears.” — @havenhealingcenter

“Don’t share your favorite secret swimming hole, summit, or dive bar without you knowing them REALLY WELL and that they too can keep a secret.” — @redheadedmtnwoman

“Always have some gear in your car for a spontaneous outdoor activity opportunity.” — @docvarn

Dos and don’ts of dining

“Pay attention to ABV% at the brewery. Three local IPA’s hit different than three Miller Lites…” — @chelsbenay

“Eat at the ‘best’ restaurants during the weekdays instead of the weekends.” — @goforthandgrow

“Don’t send tourists to your favorite dive bar.” — @tylerroach

“Try out any hole-in-the-wall restaurants. There are some really good ones!” — @stephpye1

What did we miss? If you know an unofficial rule that’s not on the list, let us know or drop a comment.

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