Five creative virtual opportunities for kids in Asheville, N.C.


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Good morning, Asheville. 👋 Brook here. We’ve had a number of readers reach out to us for suggestions on how to keep your cool while you’re quarantined with your kids. We are all grateful for the extra time we’re getting to spend with our little ones, but also reaching the limits of our patience. While keeping up with your kids can be challenging on a good day, it’s doubly so when you suddenly find yourself in the role of homeschooler who also has to do your own work — all without access to the things you normally do to keep your kids occupied, like going to the park or playground.

Because I am right there with you, Asheville, I have compiled a list of virtual learning opportunities I’m excited to use to keep my kid creatively occupied while we’re all cooped up together. I hope it buys all the parents + caregivers at least a few minutes of precious calm.

Are you struggling to balance playing the role of counselor, mediator, teacher + chef while you work from home? How are you coping? Personally, I am baking more and dazzling my child with all my old school jams, including some classic DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.


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