AVLtoday’s 2023 Wrapped

We took a page from Spotify’s book and ranked your favorite AVLtoday content from this year.

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Let’s unwrap a year of Asheville content.

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We know you’ve been on Instagram getting a glimpse of your friends’ listening habits since Spotify Wrapped dropped this week — but what about the stories and posts that made you click?

Introducing your AVLtoday’s 2023 Wrapped, featuring the content that had you clicking, liking, and sharing this year.

Top stories

Your interests varied from movies to music to food, but your hearts lie with hiking —10,832 of you wanted to know how to hit the trails + plan your next outdoor adventure.

  1. 19 places to hike in the Asheville area
  2. 10 new film projects in the Asheville area
  3. AVLFest, a new multi-day music festival, launches this summer
  4. Where to find lunch for under $10
  5. The future of the Asheville Regional Airport

Top social posts

Y’all love the local bears. Three of our top five Instagram posts were bear videos, with more than a million plays combined.

  1. Itch-scratching bear
  2. Five-bear family
  3. Rush hour driving
  4. First snowfall on the Blue Ridge Parkway
  5. Trampoline bears
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