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The legacy of Black Mountain College continues

The 12th annual {Re}HAPPENING summons the participation, performance art, and innovation that made Black Mountain College a force in the international art world.


The spirit of participation was present at 2022’s {Re}Happening.

Photo by Jesse Kit

This Saturday, April 20, the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center is hosting the 12th annual {Re}HAPPENING, bringing together more than 20 contemporary artists to present immersive projects throughout Lake Eden.


{Re}HAPPENING is held at Camp Rockmont, the site of Black Mountain College from 1941 until its closure in 1957. The experimental liberal arts college was a haven for avant-garde artists, with incredibly influential artists like composer John Cage, painter Robert Rauschenberg, and writer + illustrator Vera Williams (just to name a few) among the students and faculty.

The college is also thought to be the site of the first “Happening” in 1952, which consisted of a theatrical, multidisciplinary performance by John Cage.

Immerse yourself in the creativity

During the one-day event, a slew of contemporary artists carry on the legacy of innovation, recalling the Happenings of days past and the work of the artists of Black Mountain College. This year, the schedule is packed with ongoing installations, like “Threshold Gods” which features large suspended sculptures by Michelle Yi Martin, crafted of monofilament, horsehair, and jute.

Be sure to browse the full schedule of events so you don’t miss the scheduled performances — many of which are participatory, like “aloud,” where artist Amanda Wiles will guide you in creating a soundscape in remembrance of the extremely influential artist and advocate Connie Bostic.

Getting there

You can go ahead and snag tickets for this year’s {Re}HAPPENING and get a discount on adult admission through Friday, April 19 at 12 p.m. But if you’re interested in helping make the event happen, you can work volunteer shifts to earn free admission (and maybe even a tote bag).

On the day of the event, free Gray Line Trolley shuttles will be running from the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce parking lot to Camp Rockmont to take you to and from the fun. Shuttling is encouraged as parking is limited, but if you plan on carpooling, you can grab a $15 parking pass with your tickets.