Asheville hosts Cantillion Zwanze Day 2022

The annual Zwanze Day is a global beer event highlighting brews from Brussels’ last operating lambic brewery, Cantillion.

AVL Zwanze International Beer Day

Experimental lambics will be the focus of Zwanze International Beer Day.

Photo via The Whale

For the first time ever, Asheville will host International Zwanze Day. The beer-focused event takes place at The Whale on Sat., Sept. 24,11 a.m.-10 p.m., and will feature Yacht Rock tunes from local DJ Kipper Schauer, five drafts, and a worldwide Zwanze toast at 3 p.m.

Since 2008, the Belgium brewery Cantillion has celebrated Zwanze with batches of experimental beer — and in 2011, the Cantillion created its own holiday, International Zwanze Day. Celebrated around the world, the event is a beloved + revered beer holiday.

The Asheville version of the event will feature the special release of the 2022 Zwanze, poivre de Gorilles: a blend of two-year-old lambic and Congolese black pepper.

Sound fun? It’s in keeping with the Belgian word zwanze, which refers to a sarcastic style of humor that informs the experimental nature of these special beers. Previous iterations have included lambics blended with ingredients including rhubarb and smoked malts.

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