Asked: Where would you film an Asheville episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”?

Our little city isn’t yet a part of the Triple D Nation — but we decided to cast our own episode anyway.

Guy Fieri raises a glass at his restaurant in Harrahs Cherokee Casino

We say all hot chicken should be served on a Honey Bun.

Photo by Michael J. Bowen Photography

If you’re a fan of Food Network or just a devotee of spiky-haired, goatee-clad television hosts, you’ve probably seen an episode or two of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” (also called “Triple D,” for those of us in the know). It’s been a staple of the channel since 2007 and boasts more than 400 episodes, with restaurateur Guy Fieri traveling the country searching for casual spots with delicious food. And yet — not once has the self-proclaimed Mayor of Flavortown paid a visit to Asheville.

So City Editors Molly + Grace decided that they would save Guy Fieri and his team some work and design an Asheville-based episode of our own. (If you’re reading this, Food Network, you’re welcome.)

Most episodes feature three eateries, so this is where we’d send the red Camaro:

Honeybun hot chicken sandwich at Tastee Diner

We say all hot chicken should be served on a Honey Bun.

Tastee Diner, 575 Haywood Rd.
The show loves any dish with a twist, and this spot has comfort food twists and turns galore. You can get your hot chicken on a Honey Bun or your squash tempura-fried. Plus, Chef Steven Goff’s elevated culinary experience + the 1940s building are good pre-commercial-break backstory.

A plate of BBQ pork and hush puppies from Little Pig BBQ

Plates are piled high at Little Pig BBQ.

Photo by AVLtoday

Little Pigs BBQ, 384 McDowell St.
Barbecue makes a frequent appearance in Triple D, so a family-owned restaurant that’s been serving barbecue since 1963 seems like the perfect fit. With classics like ribs, chopped pork, and substantial hush puppies, we’d imagine Guy would welcome it into Flavortown.

Two tacos and a Jarritos soda on a table at Taqueria Muñoz

Behind the casual storefront of Taqueria Muñoz sit delicious tacos, sopes, burritos, and more.

Photo by AVLtoday

Taqueria Muñoz, 1438 Patton Ave.
If you’re focused on the Patton Avenue traffic, it’s easy to miss the unassuming storefront, but it’s always worth a stop. Simple, authentic, and delicious, the food at this joint would very likely earn a signature Guy Fieri straight-out-of-the-early-2000s compliment like “bomb-dot-com.”

Now listen — Asheville’s restaurant scene could fill a whole “Triple D” season, so our episode is only scratching the surface. We want to know where you would send Guy Fieri if he were to roll into town.

Let us know your favorite local diners, drive-ins, and dives in this survey and we may include them in an upcoming newsletter.

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