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Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack | Photo by @rorris

Let’s face it – you’re never too old for mac and cheese.🧀 The gooey goodness of cheese and pasta can come in endless combinations past the Kraft boxes you grew up on. We asked you on Instagram where your favorite place to get this southern staple, + ~70 of you replied:

  • “Love the Mac n Cheese at Marketplace!” – @sonyaleonard930
  • “Foggy mountain by a long shot” – @ivoryroadavl
  • “Moe’s BBQ has the creamiest sides of mac, also @rockyshotchickenshack has some yummy, creamy sides of mac, and @foggymountainavl has a creamy, gouda mac entree with a little spice that is delicious!” – @asheville_realtor

Asheville’s culinary creativity means that the city’s restaurants cook up mac + cheese in a variety of ways. Some make it extra creamy, some bake it, and others use Ashe County Hoop Cheese in their mix.

So whether you’re craving mac and cheese as a side, added on top of a dish, or served as a full entree, we got you covered. We put together a full roundup of your suggestions for the best mac + cheese in Asheville.

This one is for @reemscreeknursery, who said Y’all are making us want to go on a Mac and Cheese tasting trip!”

Keep reading for 10+ more eateries in Asheville to give you your mac + cheese fix. And, if your favorite mac + cheese isn’t on this list add it in the comments here. ⬇️

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 4.02.13 PM

Luella’s Bar-B-Que | Photo by @theurbangastronome

🧀Luella’s Bar-B-Que |📍501 Merrimon Ave or 33 Town Square Blvd. | 📸 @luellabbq | ⏰ hours | It’s hard to come up with a more iconic duo than Luella’s famous BBQ + their Mac ‘n Hoop Cheese.

Our readers said…

@luellasbbq is prettttyyy good” –livinglocalavl

🧀Tupelo Honey Cafe |📍12 College St or 1829 Hendersonville Rd. | 📸 @tupelohoneycafe | ⏰ hours | This baked mac and cheese is the perfect side dish to add to one of Tupelo Honey’s delicious, scratch-made, Southern entrees.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 4.03.42 PM

Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack | Photo by @rorris

🧀Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack |📍1455 Patton Ave or 3749 Sweeten Creek Rd. | 📸 @rockyshotchickenshack | ⏰ hours | The perfection of fried chicken that comes from Rocky’s is hard to beat + their mac and cheese follows suit. Bonus: They also serve fried mac and cheese bites.

Our readers said...

“I second @rockyshotchickenshack” –misssss_ashleyI

@rockyshotchickenshack by a landslide” –collin_oberry

@rockyshotchickenshack has some yummy, creamy sides of mac” –@asheville_realtor

🧀AUX Bar |📍68 North Lexington Ave. | 📸 @auxbaravl | ⏰ hours | Hit up AUX Bar for lunch + add a side of mac and cheese to one of their delicious sandwiches or unique entrees.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 4.05.05 PM

Foothills Local Meats | Photo by @eightleggedprincess

🧀Foothills Local Meats |📍697 Haywood Rd. | 📸 @foothillslocalmeats | ⏰ hours | Start out you meal or add a bite to eat with your drinks with this changing, chef’s choice mac and cheese.

Our readers said…

@foothillslocalmeats” –boscopixphotography

🧀Mojo Kitchen + Lounge |📍55 College St. | 📸 @Mojokitchenavl | ⏰ hours | Mojo steps it up a notch by offering large plates of mac and cheese as an entree and not just a side. Try one of their unique, made to order creations including Margherita Mac, Mojo Mac or Cajun Crawfish Mac.

Our readers said…

@stormrhumbar and @mojokitchenavl” –meaningofnowhere

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 4.06.08 PM

Foggy Mountain Brewpub | Photo by @djflip

🧀Foggy Mountain Brewpub |📍12 Church St. | 📸 @foggymountainavl | ⏰ hours | Check out their award-winning, made-from-scratch Wisconsin mac and cheese.

Bonus: Try their Butterflied Brat Topped with the Wisconsin mac and cheese and fresh chopped jalapenos.

Our readers said…

@foggymountainavland it’s not close.” –sportsaddictecu

“Foggy mountain by a long shot” –ivoryroadavl

@foggymountainavl has a creamy, gouda mac entree with a little spice that is delicious!” –Asheville_realtor

🧀Posana |📍1 Biltmore Ave. | 📸 @posanarestaurant | ⏰ hours | Try their lobster mac and cheese made with ricotta gnocchi, Maine lobster, chives + aged cheddar.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 4.07.27 PM

Henrietta’s Poultry Shoppe | Photo by @asheville_bites

🧀Henrietta’s Poultry Shoppe |📍1 Roberts St. | 📸 @henriettaspoultryshoppe | ⏰ hours | This thick + creamy mac n’ cheese with a hint of spice is the perfect side for Henrietta’s delicious chicken.

Our readers said…

So gooooood!!!! @henriettaspoultryshoppe 😋” –lcdglass

🧀Oyster House Brewing Company |📍625 Haywood Rd. | 📸 @oysterhousebrewing | ⏰ hours | Their bourbon-pimento mac and Cheese is the perfect pairing for any of their fresh, local brews.

Other suggestions from our readers:

🧀Moe’s Bar-B-Que |📍4 Sweeten Creek Road | 📸 @mobwoodfin

🧀The Lobster Trap |📍35 Patton Ave. | 📸 @thelobstertrap

🧀Marketplace |📍20 Wall Street | 📸 @market_place_avl

🧀Storm Rhum Bar |📍125 South Lexington Ave. | 📸 @stormrhumbar

🧀Post 70 |📍1155 Tunnel Road | 📸 @post_70

A good dish of mac and cheese is a total weakness here at the office. We sure love the cheesy goodness of Rocky’s + Luella’s...but we could never narrow it down to a single favorite.

Who serves your favorite mac and cheese? Share your go-to spot here. And, don’t forget to tag us in your foodie pics on Instagram.

Happy Tuesday,

–Audra + Kristie

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