Optimize your life with these mobile apps made by Asheville residents


Call them, beep them, when you wanna reach them. | Photo by AVL Ride

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When you think about digital apps and the online gig economy, your mind may drift to Silicon Valley-based companies — but believe it or not, Asheville boasts a handful of homegrown apps that offer services from food delivery to ride sharing to repairing potholes.

Here are four apps we recommend downloading or bookmarking on your web browser.

Kickback AVL

This independent meal delivery service was launched in 2018 by former Sunny Point pastry chef Jennie Townsend, whose work is motivated by her passion for the local food movement (more on that here). Kickback offers an impressive selection of 60+ locally-owned restaurants, food trucks, and coffee shops. Download it on Google Play or use the web application.

AVL Ride

Need a ride? Keep your taxi fare in the 828’s economy when you book with AVL Ride (also referred to as AVL Taxi). The bike- + pet-friendly ride service was launched by Woodward McKee back in 2014 and also offers van rides that fit up to 14 passengers. Pro tip: If you need to guarantee an important trip like an airport shuttle, you can schedule rides in advance. Download it via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store — or hail a ride by calling or texting (828) 333-1976.

Go Local Asheville

If you have a Go Local card, you probably find yourself wondering which organizations are part of the 500+ participating independent businesses (and what discounts they offer). Thanks to this new app (which launched in February 2022), you can stay up to date with the directory + discountsand view them all on a convenient map. Download it via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The Asheville App

Got pothole probs? Or other municipal woes like damaged streetlights or sidewalks? Send instant service requests — and receive notification of when issues are resolved with this City of Asheville-sponsored app. Download it via Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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