Try This: Salt Cave + Hammam at Asheville Salt Cave

Photo by AVLtoday

We’re feeling pretty sweet (or should we say saline), after surrounding ourselves with 30 tons worth of pure pink salt, plus a private hammam steam room, at the Asheville Salt Cave (16 N. Liberty St.).

Big time ambience. I Photo by AVLtoday

First things first: What’s a salt cave? 

Though caves vary, a salt cave is generally comprised of sea salt bricks and a ground made up of a looser salt. Salt caves often include fireplace-like areas made of salt stones +  salt rock lamps. The ceiling is strung with twinkle lights, and a soft orange glow permeates the room, creating a spa-like setting. The caves feature zero-gravity chairs or soft floor cushions for lounging, along with dim lights + ambient music that makes relaxation easy. 

Why visit a salt cave? 

The salt-infused air has drying effects that are said to help reduce inflammation, boost respiratory function, and support the clearing of toxins from the body. Additionally, salt crystals release 84 trace elements + minerals that support our body’s balance and well-being. Plus, lounging in a dimly lit room with soothing sounds and no electronic devices is incredibly relaxing — especially when you follow it up with some hammam time


The hammam is an oasis. I Photo by AVLtoday

What’s hammam? 

A public steam room inspired by Turkish + Moroccan bathing traditions, hammam is designed to purify our body’s largest organ: skin. You’re given a small bowl with a piece of soap and a Turkish towel. After entering the heated room (gorgeously decorated with copper basins + tile mosaics) and getting warm and sweaty, you use the soap to wash your body and the towel exfoliate and detoxify your skin. 

Our verdict? 

Afterwards, we marveled at the miracle of physics because we felt like weightless jelly. While both experiences were fantastic on their own, we recommend doing them in tandem for a wholly rejuvenating experience