Three Asheville, N.C. Quarantine Date Night Ideas


Take out comfort food I Photo by Vinnie’s Italian

Good morning, Asheville. 👋 Brook here. I love seeing your creativity shine in the face of all this social distancing. The support you’re showing for our small businesses locally is incredible, and Ali + I are honored that you’re sharing what you’re up to with us as we go along each day.

Over the weekend, after we finally successfully got our daughter into bed, my husband + I enjoyed a few cocktails made with Chemist Gin (I always have to sing “Now I that I got me some Chemist Gin, everybody got their cups but they ain’t chipped in” because I love me some Snoop Dogg). Then we watched some of my favorite movies filmed in + around Asheville.

Being able to actually relax together and forget about all the stress + heaviness of the world right now got me thinking about how important it is to nurture our relationships and still spend quality time with those we love — or maybe just have a crush on. So here, I’m sharing three totally-planned-out date nights, quarantine notwithstanding. And remember, there’s no harm in getting dressed up. Those heels sound just as purposeful inside the house and still look banging. 👠

For couples, BFFs, or roommates:

🍺 Pick up a case of your favorite brew from Hi-Wire Beer or a growler from Asheville Pizza & Brewing.

🍕 Grab a couple slicesor a whole pie — from Pizza Mind or The Original Papa Nick’s.

🧁 Take a treat (or two, or three) from Old Europe’s sweet selection.

🧺 Lay out a blanket + your full spread on a nice patch of grass in your front or back yard, or simply your living room floor or bed.

🎧 If it feels right, turn the volume up on your favorite playlist and dance the night away.

For the fully-quarantined:

🍷 Have a bottle of wine (or a case, we don’t judge) delivered from Asheville Wine Market.

🤳 Video chat with your mom, your crush, your favorite colleague, or that new Bumble connection — so you can cook and eat together, but separately.

🎲 Play a game together, like virtual Scrabble or by reading out the question cards from We’re Not Really Strangers.

For you and your pet/coworker:

🍣 Get some crowd pleasing comfort food + wine or beer to-go from Vinnie’s Italian.

🧸 Order a special surprise for your furry friend from Patton Avenue Pet Company.

🌳 After sharing your meal (or treat), take an evening walk through the neighborhood or throw in some extra cuddles on the couch.

🎥 End the night by watching a movie together — we recommend The Secret Life of Pets 2.

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