A look at WNC’s Full Moon Farm Wolfdog Sanctuary

Captain is a wolfdog living at Full Moon Farm. I Photo by AVLtoday team.

The AVLtoday team recently discovered a magical spot tucked away on 17 acres in nearby Black Mountain: Full Moon Farm Wolfdog Sanctuary. This federally recognized, volunteer-run organization is WNC’s only sanctuary for wolfdogs who are unable to survive in the wild. Not to mention, it’s another in a long line of unique area places that offer care to animals in need

Sweet Winter is an adoptable wolfdog. I Photo by AVLtoday team


First things first. What are wolfdogs?

Unlike Nickelodeon’s catdog, these special creatures are not half-wolf, half-dog — they’re dogs with recent wolf heritage.

Wolfdogs are commonly — and erroneously — referred to as wolf hybrids, which is an inaccurate term because they are not the offspring of two separate species. Domestic dogs (canis lupus familiaris) and wolves (canis lupus) are so closely related that their DNA is indistinguishable, and wolfdogs are considered domestic dogs. An estimated 250,000 of them live as pets in the US.

Most wolfdogs at Full Moon Farm were acquired through joint efforts between animal control, wildlife regulatory agencies + wolfdog rescues. Many of them are adoptable (Full Moon does not charge adoption fees). ProTip: wolfdogs are illegal in the city of Asheville, but legal in Buncombe County.


Editor Brook fell madly in love with handsome Hiro, an adoptable wolfdog. I Photo by AVLtoday team


Fun facts about Full Moon Farm: 

  • The org rescues + adopts out wolfdogs across the country to folks who live in areas where wolfdog ownership is legal per the adopter’s city, county, and state. 
  • Several of Full Moon’s wolfdogs have been adopted by Hollywood animal trainers and gone on to become stars. You can see some rescues in film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, as well as in TV spots for Toyota + Geico.
  • The sanctuary has rescued over 700 animals since 2002.
  • They use up over 200 pounds of kibble per night. 
  • It takes over 400 pounds of meat to make one meal for all of the wolfdogs in their care.
Editor Brook is in heaven with adoptable wolfdogs Flopsy and Hiro. I Photo by AVLtoday team


Wanna get involved? The sanctuary always needs donations and volunteers. And be sure to follow their social media for details about the fundraiser next month at Sideways Farm & Brewery.