Why Asheville is the best city in North Carolina


Photo by @matty.media

Today, we’re pitching an answer to the age-old, largely contested question — what is the best city in North Carolina and why? (Spoiler alert: it’s Asheville.)

Editor Brook here, and as a born + bred WNC native, I must say: Asheville is the bee’s knees and every other city in the state pales in comparison.

To show that I’m fair, I’ll start with some of the good things that other Tar Heel cities offer:

  • Raleigh | Professional opportunities aplenty + a killer food scene.
  • Greensboro | Quirky museums and important historic sites (like the International Civil Rights Center).
  • Charlotte | Historical architecture and home to the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets.
  • Wilmington | Beaches and a hotspot for the movie/TV industry.

See? Totally impartial + totally willing to say that these cities are great — just not as great as ours. Now, why Asheville is the best:

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