Meet the six candidates in Asheville’s 2022 city council election

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Ashevillians will be tasked with deciding on three open seats for Asheville City Council in the upcoming general election, with early voting kicking off on Thurs., Oct. 20.

These six candidates (two of whom are incumbents) have been whittled down from an original field of eleven — and they’re competing for the seats currently held by Sheneika Smith, Antanette Mosely, and Gwen Wisler.

Note: Candidates are listed in order of votes received during the primary election.

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From left: Maggie Ullman Berthiaume, Sheneika Smith, and Antanette Mosley. | Photo via candidates

Maggie Ullman Berthiaume | 16.8%

  • Climate advocate and the city’s first sustainability director who has made climate a central part of her campaign. She’s also prioritized affordable housing incentives for low-wage workers, the installation of solar power on city buildings, and doubling down on core city services.

Sheneika Smith | 15.2%

  • An incumbent first elected to City Council in 2017. Sheneika has served as vice mayor since 2020. She’s named purpose built development, restorative justice, and emergency preparedness + operations as top priorities.

Antanette Mosley | 14.9%

  • An incumbent appointed by City Council in 2020 to fill the vacancy left by Vijay Kapoor. Antanette has named equitable + affordable housing, improved core services, and intergovernmental, public-private partnerships as top priorities.
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From left: Allison Scott, Nina Tovish, and Andrew Fletcher. | Photo via candidates

Allison Scott | 9.9%

  • Director of Impact and Innovation for the Campaign for Southern Equality. Allison advocated to pass Asheville’s first LGBTQ nondiscrimination ordinance and has named “equitable, affordable housing for all” as a core goal. If elected, she would be the first transgender person to serve on the City Council.

Nina Tovish | 7.9%

  • Self-employed writer and real estate broker advocating for greater transparency in Asheville city government. Nina’s goals include improving the city residential property tax rebate, reducing fossil fuel use, and facilitating more meaningful participation in city decisions.

Andrew Fletcher | 7.68%

Jazz musician, LaZoom tour guide + economics student and the vice chair of both the Downtown Commission and Public Art and Cultural Commission. Andrew has named government transparency, increased wages for city employees, and zoning reform as top priorities.