The local spots featured in Amazon sci-fi series “The Peripheral”

Enjoy the HBO hit series “West World”? Then this new futuristic show, set in the fictional mountain town of Clanton, NC, may be right up your alley.

The Peripheral

Chloe Grace Moretz in The Peripheral.

Photo via Amazon Prime by Sophie Mutevelian/Prime Video

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The Peripheral, a new time-bending science fiction thriller series that splits its setting between London and the Blue Ridge Mountains, made its Amazon Prime debut on Fri., Oct. 21. Watch closely and you may notice that the show’s fictional mountain town “Clanton, NC” looks eerily similar to Western North Carolina.

That’s because, well, much of the show was filmed in the Land of the Sky, including Marshall, Burnsville, Sylva, and Asheville.

Without giving too much away, the show follows a young woman Flynne Fisher (Chloë Grace Moretz) who plays advanced video games as a side hustle. When given the opportunity to test a new virtual reality system, she dives in headfirstbut it’s not long before she discovers a dangerous and conspiratorial undercurrent to the world she’s inhabiting.

Curious about which local spots found the limelight? Here are the nine spots we’ve cataloged thus far if you notice any others, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

The Peripheral - Jimmy's Bar

Where the “bad guys” hang out in new sci-fi series The Peripheral.

Photo from the Madison County Chamber of Commerce


  • The Depot, 282 South Main St. | This local music venue becomes a juke joint-style bar named Jimmy’s — where some of the show’s seedier characters are known to hang out.
  • Blannahassett Island | A unique quarter mile-wide town park situated in the middle of the French Broad River.
  • ReClaim Madison: Salvage & Thrift Store, 798 Walnut Creek Rd. | This shop was converted into a 3D-printing shop where Moretz’s character Flynne Fisher toils away.
  • Downtown Marshall’s Back Street | Flynne is captured riding her bike on this street in several scenes.
  • Zadie’s Market, 33 Baileys Branch Rd. | In episode one, you can briefly see the market’s sign in the background when Flynne is biking through town.
  • Coal Feed & Lumber Co., 25 Bridge St. | This defunct building appears in the backyard of several shots in the first ten minutes of the first episode.
The Peripheral - Jimmy's

Jack Reynor as Burton in The Peripheral.

Photo via Amazon Studios by Sophie Mutevelian/Prime Video


  • The main town square in downtown Burnsville was a film location, as well as the set storage and production facility, according to Jamie L. McMahan, executive director for the Yancey County Economic Development Commission.
  • Pharma Jon’s (showed in episode two) is located in the Burnsville Plaza on US Hwy 19 E. Look closely, and you’ll notice an ABC Liquor & Spirits sign.

How to watch:

New episodes stream every Friday on Amazon Prime.

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