Three unusual items to check out from the Asheville Tool Library

You can even rent your own handyman.

An array of tools from Asheville Tool Library

The Asheville Tool Library offers 2,000+ tools.

Photo via @ashevilletoollibrary

Move over Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, the Asheville Tool Library is here to steal your “Home Improvement” spotlight.

In operation since 2016, the community-based lending library celebrated its new 2000-sqft location at 16 Smith Mill Rd. last month. The volunteer-powered 501(c)3 organization operates much like you’d think — a library. For a sliding scale membership of $50 to $250 per year, members can borrow any tool for up to a week.

Its inventory has the usual toolbox suspectsdrills, wrenches, and hammers — but the library also carries everything you need to start a band, throw a party, or can some veggies. (See: a professional microphone, a keg tap, and a 21 quart stainless steel water bath canning kit).

While you may expect everything from lawn mowers to compost aerators, here are three of the most interesting items you might not expect.

Manual honeycomb extractor
Of course Bee City USA‘s tool library offers a way for honey aficionados, amateur beekeepers, and apiary enthusiasts to efficiently enjoy the fruits of our beloved honeybee’s labor.

Lunatick lock
Looking for some mentally stimulating entertainment? This trick lock provides a satisfying challenge for folks that enjoy mechanical puzzles.

Need a handyman? Knowledgeable helper Chris is available to help with automotive, bike, and home maintenance-related issues. He also knows his way around sustainable living and yard and garden work.

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