Ten spectacular soups in Asheville

These slurp-worthy soups will stick to your ribs.


Trust us: the pink noodle soup is a meal.

Photo via Thai Pearl

Even without snow, it’s still soup season here in the mountains. Today, we’re bringing you 10 of the city’s best soups so you can slurp your cares away.

1️⃣ Lobster Bisque, Chestnut (48 Biltmore Ave.)

This unbelievably silky concoction features sweet lobster, Troy & Sons Oak Reserve whiskey, cream, and chives | $8

2️⃣ Medicine Man, Heiwa Shokudo (87 N. Lexington Ave.)

Lump crab, corn, shiitake mushrooms, wakame, and your choice of soba or udon noodles| $12

3️⃣ French Onion Soup, Cecilia’s Kitchen (870 Merrimon Ave.)

Rich soup made with caramelized onions and topped with Swiss cheese and crostinis | $9

4️⃣ Pink Noodle Soup, Thai Pearl (747 Haywood Rd.)

Wide rice noodles in red tofu + bean paste broth (hence its lovely pink hue), Asian greens, scallions, sprouts, carrots, cabbage, cilantro, crushed peanuts, crispy garlic oil and lime with your choice of chicken, pork, tofu, or extra veggies | $18

5️⃣ Corn and Crab Chowder, Corner Kitchen (3 Boston Way)

A creamy chowder with corn, crab meat, and lively cilantro | $10

6️⃣ Italian Wedding Soup, Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian

Mini meatballs, fresh spinach, thyme, ricotta cheese whey + parmesan in a base of chicken broth | $6 cup, $11 bowl

7️⃣ Birria Ramen, Andale Way Mexican Grill (65 Southwide Ave.)

This decadent newcomer features shredded, braised beef with ramen noodles in a richly spiced broth | $14.99

8️⃣ She-crab soup, Veranda Cafe (119 Cherry St., Black Mountain)

Silky + creamy crab-based soup that some claim is better than that made in the Lowcountry | $5.98 cup, $7.98 bowl

9️⃣ Nana’s Black Bean Soup, Guajiro Cuban Comfort Food (122 Riverside Dr.)

Thick, hearty, and simply delicious | $4 bowl, $7 cup

🔟 Asparagus Crema soup, Modesto (1 Page Ave., #138)

Luscious soup with delicate asparagus + cream, served with smoked salmon | $14

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