Help create Buncombe’s 2043 Comprehensive Plan

How will this cityscape change in the next few decades? | Photo via @overlanddave

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Close your eyes and picture your ideal version of Buncombe County. How has the infrastructure improved? What do the parks look like? What public programs are offered?

As Buncombe County gears up to draft the 2043 Comprehensive Plan, local leaders want to use your input as the building blocks. Here’s how you can get involved.

But first, what is a comprehensive plan?

Simply put, it’s a 20-year planning document — based on community goals + aspirations — that guides the long-term goals and actions of the county government. Topics include infrastructure, multi-generational needs, equity, land use, public health, the environment, affordable housing, and economic development.

If you’re a visual learner, we recommend watching this explainer video. There’s also a Spanish version available.

Who writes this plan and what’s the process?

The plan is technically written by County staff, but calls upon residents for input and feedback on various drafts before it’s adopted. There’s also an official steering committee that meets on the second Tuesday of each month and is open to the public.

Right now, we’re in the vision + goals part of the process. Buncombe hopes to hear from every single resident (or at least as many folks as possible), before moving ahead to the drafting phase. The draft will include specific policies and strategies, plus ample feedback opportunities. And in about two years (fingers crossed), the plan will be adopted + implemented.

How can I get involved?

TL;DR; there’s a ton of opportunities. Contribute to the Community Vision Word Cloud, have your kid submit a postcard, or attend an engagement meeting. There’s a virtual one on Jan. 25, 12-2 p.m., and in-person meetings are slated for February (dates are still TBD).

Wanna stay engaged for the long haul? Sign up for the Comprehensive Plan newsletter for frequent updates.

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