CBD + Hemp oil: Big business in Asheville.

CBD drinks from Dobra and Goddess Ghee. Photos: @cbdsuperfoods

CBD drinks from Dobra and Goddess Ghee. Photos: @cbdsuperfoods

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Maybe you’ve seen it for sale downtown, on the menu at Dobra Tea, or showing up on Instagram. However you’ve heard of it, there is no denying CBD + Hemp oil is the biggest wellness trend of 2018, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

With local businesses like Blue Ridge Hemp Co. and Carolina Hemp Co. gaining national traction, and new CBD and Hemp treats on the menus of the Silver Moon Chocolates and The Hop, we wanted to weed out the rumors + get blunt about the facts surrounding CBD + hemp Oil.

🌿So, what is CBD oil, how is it used, and is it legal?

Although we can’t resist a good pun, neither CBD or hemp is a psychoactive, like marijuana is. The name CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound derived from the cannabis plant. Hemp, marijuana and CBD are all the same plant, and are varieties of the cannabis genus. In fact, the cannabis plant creates about 400 compounds. Think of it like cocoa beans being made into cocoa butter, dark chocolate, and more.

CBD (and CBD oil, what you’ll normally find in stores and in products) contains less than .05% THC, and therefore you can’t get “high” from it. For reference, the average THC level in legal marijuana in Colorado is 18.7%. Similarly, Hemp oil (a.k.a hemp seed oil) is made from the same plant, also and contains no THC. Hemp oil commonly used as base for lotions, soaps, and in foods. However, it’s not known to be used for the same medical reasons that CBD is used for.

In both N.C. and S.C., there is specific legislation in place allowing the sale of products with THC-levels found in CBD (minimum to none). Within that vein, industrial hemp farming has been legalized in both states under a federal pilot program. (More on the N.C. + S.C. programs here.)

The short: CBD is being used more and more commonly for medical reasons, because it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body, which helps regulate functions including the immune-system, pain regulation, and sleep. Some of the most common uses include arthritis pain relief, cancer treatment relief, insomnia and anxiety.

And here is our quick disclaimer that we are in no way medical professionals, or promoting the cannabis industry. Our team regularly comes across beloved local businesses involving CBD or hemp in their products and wanted to explore the science. This made us figure our loyal, smart readers we’re curious as well. 🔬

Our city jumped on both the hemp-infused food + CBD oil train early (so Asheville of us). We rounded up some of the treats you can try around town, like New Belgium’s Hemperor beer, Dobra’s CBD Latte and more. Plus, where you can pick up oil yourself.

🛀Topical Treatments

Nature’s Vitamins and Herbs | 📍752 Biltmore Ave. | 828-251-0094

Nature’s Vitamins and Herbs carries pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil that you can use orally, topically, or in a vape pen.

Plus, they’re available in person or over the phone to chat with you about what dosage is best for you.

Blue Ridge Hemp Company | 📍61 ½ N. Lexington Ave. | 828-333-0806

They carry a selection of treat yo self topicals that include salve, ultra-moisturizing body lotion, and massage oil in a variety of both hand pump and roll-on packaging. Bonus: bath bombs which includes essential oils.

The Hemp Farmacy | 📍1550 Hendersonville Rd #104 | (828) 575-2454

WNC’s first pharmacy devoted to hemp products for pain relief + more carries topicals, tinctures and more from all U.S. producers.

🍨Food and Drink

Dobra Tea | 📍78 N. Lexington Ave. | 828-575-2424

Dobra Tea offers a CBD latte that owner Andrew Snavely considers “the fountain of youth.” Also on the menu: a CBD soda tinted green by chlorophyll.

The BLOCK off Biltmore | 📍39 S. Market St. | 828-254-9277

Catch the buzz: Creative cocktails featuring hemp-infused simple syrup from Blue Ridge Hemp Company are on the menu at this vegan bar + event space.

New Belgium Brewing |📍 21 Craven St. | 828-333-6900

Hemperor HPA, which is being sold nation-wide (expect in Kansas) and includes hemp terpene flavors, hemp hearts, and plenty of hops, making it “The World’s Dankest Ale.

One World Brewing |📍 10 Patton Ave. | 828-785-5580

One World’s take on the hemp ale, Hempin’ Ain’t Easy, is a light ale made with organic hemp seeds, and sits pretty right at 4.20% ABV (because they couldn’t resist).

The Hop Ice Cream Cafe | 📍640 Merrimon Ave. #103 | 828-254-2224

The Hop will drop their new CBD Oil Hemp Milk Ice Cream on June 29th at their Merrimon Avenue and Haywood Road locations. The ice cream, created in conjunction with Blue Ridge Hemp Company, features hemp flower buds steeped in ice cream, which should give it a little of that (dare we say) dank undertone? 😏

Silvermoon Chocolate | 📍Various vendors | 310-923-0460

Silvermoon specializes in raw, organic chocolate, and recently created a CBD-infused vegan dark chocolate in collaboration with Blue Ridge Hemp Company. The chocolate bar also features goji, milk thistle, bee pollen, raw honey, chlorella, and spirulina, among other superfood ingredients.

Silvermoon retails at Dobra Tea, High Five, West Village Market and Deli, and more.

Goddess Ghee | 📍Various vendors | goddessghee@gmail.com

This locally-owned ghee (clarified butter) maker has a whole line of CBD-infused products with CBD sourced from Blue Ridge Hemp Company. Choose from chocolate, golden spice, or regular ghee. It’s all grass fed, too (not that kind of grass). Sold at French Broad Food Co-Op, West Village Market, Earth Magick, and more.

🐶Dog treats

Carolina Hemp Company | 📍406 Elk Park Dr. | 828-438-4367

Hey, it’s Asheville–we can’t leave our dogs out of anything! If your furry friend has separation anxiety, hates thunderstorms and fireworks, or is just an extra good boy, Carolina Hemp Company carries dog supplements in both regular and gluten-free formulas.

And ICYMI, we tackled N.C.’s marijuana laws a few months ago. See that coverage here.

Like any and all medication and supplements, consult your physician before trying it, particularly if you are pregnant or already taking medication. And always buy it from a trusted source – fake CBD oil is out there, and accidentally ingesting it sounds like pretty much the opposite of relaxing.

Have additional questions or comments? We’re here for you. Reply to this email or comment on the article + we’ll respond.

Have a great Tuesday, Asheville.

Stephanie + Ali

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