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Get your sweat on at gyms around Asheville

From lifting weights, indoor rock climbing, personal training, dance fitness, boxing classes, and martial arts programs — we’ve rounded up 35+ gyms and fitness offerings around Asheville.

An individual lifting weights at Strength Ratio in Asheville, NC.

Strength Ratio offers evidence-based training programs in an inclusive environment.

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Exercising doesn’t look the same for everyone — what’s fun and muscle-building for one person may be a slog for someone else.

Fortunately, Asheville is home to dozens of opportunities for exercise, whether you enjoy lifting weights, dancing to hip hop tunes for a little cardio action, or boxing for a full-body workout. Use this guide as a resource for all-things fitness in Asheville.

Pro tip: Not sure which to try first? Try out multiple gyms with a free trial on ClassPass.

For those looking for flexibility + variety

Biltmore Fitness, 77 Biltmore Ave.

Enjoy 20,000 sqft of training space across three floors. Biltmore Fitness is complete with a functional training area, power lifting room, a sauna, group fitness classes, and opportunities for personal training. Day passes, monthly memberships, and locker rentals are available.

YMCA of Western North Carolina, Multiple locations

There are a plethora of health and fitness programs to take part in across seven locations in WNC. In addition to gym facilities, YMCA locations offer varying coaching and support programs, including personal training, chronic condition support, group exercise classes, and health coaching. Bonus: The Ferguson Family YMCA in Candler offers CrossFit classes.

Asheville Racquet Club, 200 Racquet Club Rd. + 27 Resort Dr.

This local club was founded in 1974 and quickly became a trailblazing institution for tennis. Over the decades it has embraced its role in the local tennis community while developing additional community offerings like fitness facilities, group exercise classes, personal training, pickleball courts, outdoor swimming pools, and more. Bonus: Both locations offer childcare services.

An individual lifting weights.

Underground Fitness offers a full-body workout featuring elements cardio + strength training.

For those who enjoy working out alongside others

Underground Fitness, 217 Coxe Ave., #10

Underground is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) gym in the South Slope neighborhood. Class offerings include AMPED (50 minutes of strength training, cardio, and functional movements), FIT (a modified version of AMPED in a small group setting), and LIFT (50 minutes of weightlifting).

Deal: Asheville locals can get their first three AMPED or two FIT classes (within a two-week period) for free.

Strength Ratio, 829 Riverside Dr.

Eager to build strength and become immersed in an inclusive wellness community? Strength Ratio is a great place to start. The gym offers Olympic weightlifting + strength and conditioning classes, as well as a 24/7 open gym, personal fitness plans, online training, and nutrition resources.

Deal: Prospective new clients receive a free intro session.

MADabolic, 150 Coxe Ave., Ste. 102

MADabolic offers high-intensity strength training classes using a training system with three signature interval series: Momentum (a 2-to-1 work-to-rest ratio), Anaerobic (a 1-to-1 work-to-rest ratio), and Durability (a 3-to-1 work-to-rest ratio).

Deal: First-time clients can try out MADabolic for five for $5.

Pisgah Fitness, 151 W. Haywood St.

Pisgah offers CrossFit-style workouts for all bodies that are ~60 minutes. Also, as a community-first gym, Pisgah offers sliding scale membership fees. Bonus: Workouts are posted online in advance of the class + 24/7 open gym access is also available.

Deal: You can attend your first class for free.

Orange Theory, 1816 Hendersonville Rd., #60

This South Asheville gym offers heart rate-based interval training. Each one-hour class incorporates rowing, cardio, and strength movements, and the coach will take you through five different heart rate zones using Orangetheory’s OTbeat technology.

All Bodies Movement & Wellness, 211 Merrimon Ave.

Like the name suggests, All Bodies prides itself on offering an extremely inclusive space that provides small group classes for all bodies. Group classes include strength training, pilates, 60+ training, youth strength training, kettlebell training, barbell club, cardio kickboxing, and more. Bonus: All Bodies also offers open gym time + personal training sessions.

Rebel Strength & Row House, 408 Depot St., Ste. 130

Thanks to Rebel, you don’t need to head to the nearest body of water to practice your rowing. This gym offers rowing classes for all levels that last 35-60 minutes. All classes are capped at 10 people and some incorporate kettlebell training. Bonus: After your class, head to a nearby coffee shop like Gring AVL or Penny Cup Coffee Co. for a caffeinated treat.

Sōr Studios, 80 Charlotte St. #10

Imagine working out with a room full of people that want to see you successful and happy. That’s exactly the type of empowering environment that Sōr creates for its visitors. The studio offers ride (indoor cycle) and rhythm + burn (a fusion of barre, Pilates, and HIIT) classes.

Deal: First-time visitors can get their first three classes for $30 (with a valid Buncombe County ID).

GritFit Studio, 611 Tunnel Rd., Ste. C

This East Asheville cycling studio offers a supportive environment for all fitness levels. Class types include indoor cycle, indoor cycle + core, TRX suspension training, and HIIT. Bonus: Owner and head cycle instructor Shannon Ginn leads a two-hour endurance ride once a month that’s a studio-favorite.

Deal: First-time visitors receive their first class free.

A Lagree fitness class in Asheville, NC.

The exercises that you’ll learn at Scorch have fun names like Mega Donkey Kick and Scrambled Eggs.

Photo by @scorchfitavl

Scorch Fitness, 408 Depot St., Ste. 160

Head to this gym for a full-body workout using The Lagree Method (think: high-intensity, low-impact). Each 45-minute class incorporates core stabilization, strength training, and cardio movements.

Deal: First-time visitors can get their first three classes for $45.

South Slope Pilates, 50 McCormick Pl.

SSP self-describes itself as a studio that offers fusion of Pilates and Lagree-style fitness programming. Class types include flow (a mix of Pilates and yoga), sweat (a total body workout), and sculpt (a strength-building workout). Bonus: The studio is also home to All Things Wellness, a growing collective that provides complimentary services to SSP members.

Deal: SSP has a first-time visitor offer of $28 for your first two classes.

Fusion Pilates, 120 Coxe Ave., Ste. 1B

Are you in interested in Pilates reformer classes — classes that utilize a reformer machine with springs that control the level of resistance — or more functional Pilates classes that require no equipment? At Fusion, you don’t have to choose. The studio offers both types of classes, and even has opportunities for private Pilates sessions.

Club Pilates, 80 Charlotte St., Ste. 20 + 28 Schenck Pkwy., #155

This Pilates studio offers nine different types of classes that range from the intro level to high-intensity. Pro tip: Club Pilates’ classes range from level 1 (foundation) to level 2.5 (mastery), and these levels are listed for each class type so you know what to expect.

Deal: For first-time visitors, the intro class is free.

Pure Barre Asheville, 1863 Hendersonville Rd., Ste. 114

Pure Barre Asheville is a locally-owned studio in South Asheville that offers low-impact, body weight classes that aim to strengthen and tone your body. The various class types incorporate cardio, balance, flexibility, and strength exercises.

Deal: First-time visitors can take an intro class for free.

Hard Exercise Works Asheville, 1636 Hendersonville Rd., Ste. 195

Build strength and endurance at one of HEW’s high-intensity group classes. You’ll have the chance to try movements like jumping lunges, barbell push jerks, and kettle bell swings. Bonus: Get a peek at today’s workout.

Deal: You can book your first class for free.

Asheville Pilates, 41 N. Merrimon Avenue, Ste. 109, Woodfin

Serving the fitness community since 2001, Asheville Pilates offers fitness for all experience levels, ages, and bodies. You can join individual or group sessions in a variety of class styles and even sign up for a therapeutic plan designed by the team to help with a number of health issues.


A CrossFit workout is often abbreviated to “WOD” or workout of the day.

Photo by @glenbridgecf

For those who believe burpees are a lifestyle

Summit CrossFit, 21 McArthur Ln. A

Find this gym located across from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and next to The Regeneration Station. Each workout class consists of functional movements like squats and deadlifts that are performed at level of high intensity.

Deal: You can try your first class for free.

Beer City CrossFit, 70 Westside Dr.

This West Asheville CrossFit gym has 3,000 sqft of indoor training space + offers CrossFit and weightlifting-specific classes, as well as open gym time and opportunities for personal training.

Deal: First-time visitors can take their first class free.

CrossFit Asheville, 438 Haywood Rd.

Find this gym located in the annex behind the Mardis Building. Drop-ins are welcome to try out the group classes or visit for open gym hours.

CrossFit AVL, 20 Stoner Rd.

Although “AVL” does stand for Asheville in many cases, for CrossFit AVL, it stands for “Aging with Vitality and Longevity.” The gym’s Stay Active Method utilizes protocols to manage and reduce symptoms of chronic injuries and illnesses. In addition to morning classes, CrossFit AVL has a sauna and cold plunge.

Deal: Prospective members can receive a free consultation.

Glen Bridge CrossFit, 12 Glenn Willow Dr., #71, Arden

Glen Bridge offers both fitness + nutrition coaching. The gym’s CrossFit classes are offered Monday through Saturday, and open gym times are available Monday through Friday and Sunday. Bonus: Refuel after your workout at Mountain Juicery or Clean Juice — both are a short drive away.

A personal training working with a client that is doing a plank exercise.

Riveroak Fitness+ has been in business for 6+ years.

Photo by @riveroakfit

For those who want one-on-one training

Mind Muscle Fitness, 11 Ridgeway Ave.

Mind Muscle Fitness is the perfect place to dial into your wellness goals through personal training or small group sessions. Additionally, owner + lead trainer Griffin White offers recovery and breathwork sessions that aim to optimize overall health and reduce stress.

Riveroak Fitness+, 200 District Dr., #002

Clients of Riveroak have the opportunity to participate in personal training, couples training, and online personal training. Each type of training utilizes a mixed modality approach with functional strength, mobility, endurance, and agility exercises that are tailored to individual goals. Bonus: Riveroak has a sauna to help maximize your recovery.

HF Center for Exercise Science, 802 Fairview Rd., Ste. 1000

HF Center specializes in sport-specific training through customized strength and conditioning programs for athletes of all ages. The facility has a staff of four trainers that offer a variety of packages, including personal training, small group training, semi private training, sports recovery, and VertiMax training.

Inspire Personal Fitness, 51N Merrimon Ave., Ste. 107

This local biz specializes in semi-private + small group personal training programs. To accompany its fitness offerings, Inspire offers nutrition coaching as well.

Deal: Prospective clients have the opportunity to try seven days for free, which includes a fitness assessment, functional movement screening, personal training sessions, and a custom program.

Mchone Performance Training, 802 Fairview Rd., #1200

Outdoor athletes can pursue peak performance with training that’s specially designed for mountain bikers, trail runners, rock climbers, thru hikers, and so many more fitness enthusiasts both professional and amateur. MPT offers personal training, small group training, and even online personal training.

Deal: For the new year, Mchone is offering a BOGO special on an 8-pack on small group training sessions.

Individuals dancing in a hip hop dance fitness class.

DanceClub Asheville’s hip hop fitness class is fun cardio class that is perfect for all fitness levels.

For those who want to dance it out

Uphora Dance Fitness, 1501 Patton Ave.

Salsa, Zumba, flamenco, line dancing, hip hop cardio, bachata, belly dance, jazz funk — you name it, and Uphora likely offers it. The West Asheville dance studio hosts 25+ classes a week as well as various events + workshops. Get a feeling of Uphora’s uplifting vibe by checking out the studio on Instagram.

DanceClub Asheville, 9 Old Burnsville Hill Rd., Ste. 3

Check out this inclusive studio that welcomes self expression in a fun and refreshing atmosphere. DanceClub offers varying levels of pole dance classes and series, hip hop fitness, cardio funk classes, and more. Bonus: You can book a private party or bachelorette event with DanceClub.

Empyrean Arts, 32 Banks Ave.

Get creative with your fitness at this studio’s pole, aerial, and burlesque classes. Plus, Empyrean offers handstand and arm-balancing classes, twerking classes, and open studio time.

Deal: First-time visitors can try three classes for $50.

Two men boxing in Asheville, NC

Rogue Combat Club’s Muay Thai classes are a combination of self-defense and sport.

For those who want to punch up their fitness routine

American Top Team, 375 Rockwood Rd., Arden

Whether you want to get in a high intensity workout sans weights, or you want to learn some self-defense skills — American Top Team has you covered. The gym offers boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and judo classes for both kids + adults. Bonus: American Top Team has a program for those with Parkinson’s disease, providing them with a space to address motor and non-motor symptoms.

Oakley Fight Club, 800 Fairview Rd., Ste. A7

Oakley Fight Club offerings boxing and wresting programs for kids and adults, with classes available in both the mornings and evenings. The fight club’s sister business, Oakley Fitness Center has free weights, machines, and cardio equipment + is located at 1133 Sweeten Creek Rd.

Rogue Combat Club, 1078 Tunnel Rd., Unit A

Head to Rogue Combat Club for jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai (sometimes referred to as Thai boxing) offerings. Classes are available for all ages and fitness levels, and offer a total-body workout + the chance to learn useful self-defense skills.

A man climbing up an indoor climbing wall.

Cultivate Climbing offers rental harnesses and climbing shoes.

For those eager to try to something new

Cultivate Climbing, 173 Amboy Rd.

Check out this climbing gym for a unique workout that will activate your core, upper body, and, yes, even your leg muscles. Cultivate Climbing has bouldering walls, lead climbing walls, and top rope walls with auto-belays. No prior climbing experience is necessary to give them a visit. Bonus: Cultivate also hosts guided climbing trips, kids after school programming, a youth climbing team, and various climbing classes.

Riveter, 701 Old Fanning Bridge Rd., Mills River

This state-of-the-art climbing gym + bike park is located ~25 minutes from downtown Asheville. In addition to 16,000 sqft of climbing space and covered + outdoor bike areas, Riveter has a sweat studio where yoga and fitness classes are held. Riveter also hosts special events, climbing clinics, and youth programs.

Asheville Sun Soo, 800 Fairview Rd., Ste. D2

East Asheville is home to this taekwondo studio that has been voted Best of WNC for 16 years in a row and, most recently, US Martial Arts School of the Year by United Taekwon-Do Alliance. Sun Soo offers martial arts classes for all ages and levels, as well as jiu-jitsu classes, youth summer camps, and after school programs.

Deal: Those interested in trying out Sun Soo for the first time can get their introductory session for free.

Looking for yoga studios around town? We’ve guide for that too. Check it out + get your flow on.

Gear up

Don’t forget to set your movement adventure up for success with tried-and-true gym favorites.

Owala FreeSip water bottle | Stay hydrated at the gym with a beloved stainless steel bottle — you can get it as large as 40 oz. for max hydration.

Baleaf women’s fleece-lined leggings | Make facing workouts on chilly mornings easier with fleece-lined leggings — plus, choose how many pockets you want on them.

Silicone ear tips for AirPods | Earbuds will slip out at the gym no more thanks to simple silicone ear tips that keep AirPods in place.

Aesthetic Built scuba oversized half-zip hoodie | A roomy, soft sweatshirt with thumbholes and a kangaroo pocket.

Aesthetic Built perfect muscle scallop tee | This men’s tee was made to accentuate biceps, chest, and shoulders.

HOKA Women’s Clifton 9 Sneaker | Set your cardio workouts up for success with a sneaker designed to increase foot comfort and absorb the shock of high-impact exercise.

Heathyoga non-slip body alignment yoga mat | Beginners and advanced yoga students alike will love the alignment lines on this mat to take your form to the next level.

CRZ Butterluxe high-waisted leggings | These buttery-soft leggings feature gentle compression and are considered a Lululemon alternative by reviewers.

Bala Bangles | Ready to up the ante of any workout? Use Bala Bangles on wrists or ankles for added resistance.

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