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Answered: Your ideas on carbon reduction

Last week, we asked for your thoughts on how Asheville should use funding from the Carbon Reduction Program — here’s what you said.


More than half of respondents wanted pedestrian-friendly options.

Photo by John Wollwerth, via the City of Asheville

Recently, we shared info on the Carbon Reduction Program, a distribution of $6.4 billion in formula funding over a five-year period in an effort to reduce transportation emissions across the US.

We also asked how you’d like to see funding from the program spent for carbon reduction in Asheville, should we receive program money again.

Here’s a breakdown of what you said:

  • 61% | Pedestrian-friendly roads and facilities
  • 49% | Public transportation
  • 28% | Traffic management/road diet projects
  • 16% | Fuel alternatives

12% of you mentioned other projects that you’d be eager to see, like:

  • “Better public information & education processes around the subject of... getting around. (Too many of the things that have been done to improve transportation including alternative modes, disincentivizing motor vehicle use, etc are simply “put out there” with an apparent assumption that people will ‘get it.’”
  • “Trams, from the outer areas of Asheville, to move tourists to downtown. Also, car-free zones downtown.”
  • “Improve fuel efficiency by creating a smarter traffic control system, cut down on idling time.”
  • “Real bike paths—not just part of a road made smaller for a bike lane!”
  • “Electric trolley cars.”
  • “Better regional (intercity) transportation across the state.”
  • “Modern traffic light synchronization would save more fuel and do it more quickly than most other ideas.”

FY2024 funding announcements are expected in January or February.