Choose your own adventure: AVLtoday edition

Help choose how AVLtoday City Editor Grace will spend her day in Asheville — from where she eats to how she enjoys her free time.

Asheville skyline at sunset

Help us build the perfect day.

Photo via City of Asheville

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Hey, Asheville. Grace here. Remember those “choose your own adventure” stories? The ones where you’re given two paths and your choice determines the character’s fate? Today, I’m giving you the power to decide my destiny.

It’s not that dramatic, but I want you to help me build the perfect day in Asheville. Fill out this poll and I’ll do what you, as a collective audience, choose.

Wake up and smell the...

  • Coffee
  • Donuts
  • Biscuits
  • Breakfast burritos
Coffee or breakfast burrito for choose your own adventure

Why not both?

Photos by @rowancoffee and AVLtoday

Head to work at...

  • A coworking space
  • A coffee shop
  • A public library

Grab lunch at...

  • Botiwalla
  • HomeGrown
  • Mamacita’s Taqueria
  • The Rhu

Get some afternoon exercise by...

  • Taking a walk in the nearest park
  • Going to a yoga class
  • Biking on one of Asheville’s greenways
mural and The Orange Peel for choose your own adventure

Take the scenic route or tune in to local music.

Photos by AVLtoday

What activity should I do?

  • Hit up a local farmers market
  • Take a tour of Asheville’s murals
  • See some live music

Head to _________ for an after-work cocktail.

  • Anoche
  • Little Jumbo
  • The Golden Pineapple
  • The Low Down

Is there something else you think I should do on my perfect day? Drop your suggestions at the end of the poll. I can’t guarantee I can fit it in, but I promise I’ll try.

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