Museum in Cherokee gets a new name

Formerly known as the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, the Museum of the Cherokee People rebranded and renamed as part of a commitment to serving its tribal citizens.

three people work on Rebrand Planning for the museum of the cherokee people

The museum says that the new name is a reminder of the living culture it shares.

Photo courtesy of the Museum of the Cherokee People

The former Museum of the Cherokee Indian has updated its branding and changed its name to ᏣᎳᎩ ᎢᏗᏴᏫᏯᎯ ᎢᎦᏤᎵ ᎤᏪᏘ ᎠᏍᏆᏂᎪᏙᏗ (Tsalagi idiyvwiyahi igatseli uweti asquanigododi), Museum of the Cherokee People. In Cherokee, “Museum of the Cherokee People” approximately translates to “All of us are Cherokee people. It is all of ours, where the old things are stored.”

The museum’s leaders worked with Marie Junaluska (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians), a board member + language speaker, and the Cherokee Speakers Council on the name change, which was the result of a long, intentional, thoughtful process — as was the vibrant new visual branding and updated logo, designed by Tyra Maney (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Diné).

The Museum of the Cherokee People shares the history and living culture of the Cherokee people, and these changes underline the organization’s mission to serve its tribal citizens. Visit in person at 589 Tsali Blvd., Cherokee, and check out the new website.

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