See the winning pumpkin from our 2023 jack-o-lantern contest

Your votes are in for your favorite pumpkin — drumroll, please.

AVLtoday pumpkin contest finalists

Take a look at our gourd-geous finalists.

Graphic by AVLtoday

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The votes are in for the AVLtoday Pumpkin Carving Contest. Check out the pumpkins below, including the contest winner our readers voted for.

Woman holding a pumpkin with a dog's face carved into it with the dog standing next to the pumpkin

“Sir Sumo”

Photo submitted by Mariah G.

Winner: Sir Sumo by Mariah G.

The jack-o'-lantern captures this Frenchie’s smushed face perfectly, making him look extra regal in the orange glow.

Pumpkin with the face of a bear carved into the surface

“Into the Woods”

Photo submitted by Patrick O.

Finalist: Into the Woods

You could argue that the black bear is the unofficial mascot of Asheville — but you can’t argue that this lifelike depiction didn’t take mad skills to create.

Three pumpkins with leaf designs painted on.

“Fall Foliage Triad”

Photo submitted by Emily S.

Finalist: Fall Foliage Triad

These painted pumpkin proves you don’t need to carve to create. It has guts — just not pumpkin guts. These painted leaves look just as vibrant as the real thing.

Small pumpkin inside a large pumpkin carved as a house with windows

“Lil’ Pump and His New Digs”

Photo submitted by Megan E.

Finalist: Lil’ Pump and His New Digs

Go big or gourd home. But this reader quite literally created a cozy gourd home for an adorable, palm-sized pumpkin.

Green pumpkin with mountains, trees, and a bear carved into it

“Asheville Dremeled Pumpkin”

Photo submitted by Heather C.

Finalist: Asheville Dremeled Pumpkin

The scene of mountains, trees, and a bear capture the fixtures of our local wildlife. We especially love how the carving pops against the green pumpkin canvas.

Congratulations to Mariah G. (and Sir Sumo himself) and all our finalists — you’re all the cream of the carving crop.

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