Choose your own adventure results: AVLtoday edition

You chose how AVLtoday City Editor Grace spent her day in Asheville — from where she ate to how she spent her free time.

Asheville at dusk

You chose the perfect day.

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Hey there, Ashevillians. Grace here. Earlier this month, I presented you with a very important and very fun task: To design my day, choose-your-own-adventure style. With great power comes great responsibility — and you all used your power well. Here are the results for a perfect day in Asheville.

Wake up and smell the...

Coffee. 52% of you all opted for me to start my morning with a caffeine boost, and I was happy to oblige. I zipped over to Ultra Coffeebar for a large cold brew. But obviously, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I ordered the Ella breakfast sandwich as well — the egg, tomato, pesto, and mozzarella sammie was a delicious diversion from my usual, the Joey.

Two coffees and breakfast sandwiches from Ultra Coffeebar

There’s no better way to start the day.

Photo by AVLtoday

Head to work at...

A coffee shop. 40% of readers voted for me to keep the coffee coming. Since I was already at Ultra, I grabbed a table outside to get some work done while getting a dose of vitamin D.

coffee shop working.png

It was this photo that made me realize I need some screen cleaner.

Photo by AVLtoday

Bonus reader suggestion

A few people suggested I stop by a local art gallery, so I took a break to head to the Odyssey Gallery of Ceramic Arts where I admired gorgeous cups, bowls, vases, and more fantastic fired creations.

art gallery gif.gif

Gazing at the gallery was a perfect mid-morning break.

Photos by AVLtoday

Grab lunch at...

HomeGrown. The votes were close for this one, but the majority of you suggested I dine at this casual spot that has mouthwatering plates made with local ingredients. The fried chicken sandwich is heavenly, and of course, I had to add the pimento cheese. It was the perfect meal to fuel the rest of my itinerary for the day. And y’all, I promise I got plenty of veggies in at dinner time.


The sun knew what it was doing putting a spotlight on the pimento cheese.

Photo by AVLtoday

Bonus reader suggestion

After lunch, I stopped downtown at Nest Organics to grab a gift for my Mom to bring to Thanksgiving. I can’t tell you what I got her — that’s a surprise. But since I was close by, I took a reader’s suggestion to pick up a book at Malaprop’s. I took home a copy of “A Land More Kind Than Home” by UNC Asheville professor Wiley Cash, and I can’t wait to dig into it this week.

"A Land More Kind Than Home" held up in front of Malaprops Bookstore

Anyone up for a book club?

Photo by AVLtoday

Get some afternoon exercise by...

Taking a walk in the nearest park. That’s what 53% of you suggested, so that’s just what I did. I made my way back to West Asheville to be close by for the rest of my evening activities and did a walkabout of French Broad River Park. It was a perfect, relaxing moment to get in touch with nature — and see some super cute pups.

French broad river park gif (1).gif

A nice walk in the sunshine is just what I needed.

Video by AVLtoday

What activity should I do?

See some live music. 41% of the votes pointed me toward tunes, so I stopped by One World Brewing’s West Asheville location to catch a modern jazz jam before heading across the street for the next item on my list.

Musicians performing on stage at One World Brewing

This jam was full of righteous rhythms, hosted by Jason DeCristofaro and Connor Law.

Photo by AVLtoday

Head to ________ for an after-work cocktail.

The Golden Pineapple. 37% of readers suggested I round out the day with a delicious cocktail at this eclectic spot. I got the Rattail Daddy, with Michoacan rum, lime, sweet corn, and Tajin. It was a perfect balance of citrus and spice, and I’ll definitely be back for another soon.

golden pineapple.png

I brought a friend along, who opted for the classic Golden Pineapple cocktail.

Photo by AVLtoday

You all had some additional suggestions for activities to include in a perfect day in Asheville — and although I couldn’t fit them all in, here are a few honorable mentions I wish I could’ve completed.

“Watch the sunset from the parkway — or the moon rise or both!”

“Take a nap.”

“Finish the night out rewatching Schitt’s Creek… you know you want to!”

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