10 fall cocktails to drink in Asheville, NC

Photo via District 42

By Editorial Intern Camille Nevarez-Hernandez
What better way to fully indulge in the season than having delicious autumn cocktails throughout the city? Here are 10 special combinations of liquor, spices, ciders, and everything nice that are sure to make you fall for Asheville all over again.

We love the quiet and sophisticated vibes of this rooftop cocktail bar. | Photo courtesy of Top of the Monk

Top of the Monk, 92 Patton Ave.

  • This Brandied Pumpkin Sour mingles the classic taste of brandy with autumn spices and hints of grape. This frothy drink also gets effervescence from spots of fresh lemon, pumpkin reduction, spiced syrup + egg white.

Photo courtesy of The Crow and Quill

The Crow and Quill, 106 N. Lexington Ave.

  • This hidden gem in downtown — which seemingly transports you to the Victorian era — has a Hot Buttered Rum drink that is sure to warm you up on a cold night. The beverage includes black strap rum, spiced local cider, a pad of butter, and to top it all off: ginger snap cookies.

If anyone could make squash + curry work in a cocktail, it’s these folks. | Photo via @thegoldenpineapplebar

The Golden Pineapple, 503 Haywood Rd.

  • If the Golden Pineapple’s funky decorations, top-notch food, and sparkly disco ball don’t draw you in, then POW — this Onomatopoeia drink definitely will. Mixed with mezcal, tequila, lemon, winter squash, and massaman curry (yep, you read that right), this concoction is bound to leave you saying WOW after the first sip.

Photo courtesy of Right There Bar

Right There Bar, 18 N Lexington Ave.

  • Not a big fan of the traditional fall flavors? Get away from the cinnamon and pumpkin drinks, and take a splash in The New Gibson — made of gin, dry vermouth, onion, rosemary, butter, and black pepper.

Photo courtesy of Imperial

Imperial, 48 College St.

  • Turn up the heat with the Spuyten Duyvil, which — if you were wondering — translates to “in spite of the devil.” This drink includes bourbon, jalapeño, cinnamon, honey, and lemon, and leaves your mouth marinating with a special, spicy tang.

Photo via @daniel_barlow

Haywood Common, 507 Haywood Rd.

  • Pay a visit to this West Asheville institution and boost your immune system with the Elderberry Hot Toddy, made with rye whiskey, spiced elderberry, and lemon.

Photo via @tanjakuic

District 42, 7 Patton Ave.

  • Listen, have you ever had a drink topped off with a smoke bubble? No? Well now is the time to try the Don’t Burst my Bubble. This ghostly potion includes Tito’s vodka, Domaine de canton, pear puree, cava, lemon, and spiced apple bitters, balanced beneath a grandiose bubble of smoke.

Photo courtesy of The Times Bar & Coffee Shop

The Times Bar & Coffee Shop, 56 Patton Ave.

  • I Drink, Therefore I Yam would leave even René Descartes speechless. It’s made with apple butter-infused vodka, sweet potato purée, orange juice, lemon juice, amontillado sherry, angostura bitters, and cinnamon.

Photo courtesy of Jargon

Jargon, 715 Haywood Rd.

  • If you love margaritas but still want to fit in with the fall aesthetic, Jargon has your back with It’s the Great Pumpkin Margarita. This drink includes Cazadores Reposado Tequila, roasted pumpkin shrub, disaronno, and cinnamon bitters.

Photo via @lifebyabby

Buchi Bar at Rosetta’s Kitchen, 116 N. Lexington Ave.

  • Enjoy a delicious mocktail from the Buchi Bar. The Iced AppalaChai caught our eye as it features iced regionally-made chai concentrate mixed with your choice of organic half-and-half or vegan coconut creamer.
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