Prove your love for local food with a name change

Subway’s Name Change Challenge has us wondering — which local spot would inspire this much devotion?

a cheeseburger from baby bull

Burgers from Baby Bull could earn our name-change devotion.

Photo by AVLtoday

Subway is looking for a number one fan, and there’s a pretty radical requirement for that moniker — legally change your name to “Subway.” Yes, we’re serious. Its Name Change Challenge asks you to agree to change your first name if you’re randomly chosen from those who enter. The winner will be treated to sandwiches for life.

We love a good sandwich as much as the next person, but we’re not sure we’re quite that devoted to the Subway lifestyle to make the change. Now Asheville’s local restaurant scene? That might just have us filling out the paperwork.

Editor Molly would seriously consider going by “Contrada” if it meant a pizza-for-life agreement. If endless deviled eggs were on the table, just call her “Leo’s” (which almost works out, name-wise).

Editor Grace would rather be “Baby Bull,” just to get her fill of double cheeseburgers. It’s fitting since she’s a Taurus (and admittedly stubborn).

What local restaurant name would you consider changing your name to? Let us know in this survey.

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