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New year, new name for Samsel Architects

The local architectural studio has changed (in name only) to Altura Architects.

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The team at local architectural studio Altura Architects pose for a photo under their new logo.

“Altura” signifies the studio’s commitment to a higher purpose, including creating buildings that elevate the lives of its clients, the community, and the planet.

Photo provided by Altura Architects

You know the name, you love their work, and today, we’re introducing you to the newly (re)named Altura Architects. 👋

Sure, the name is new, but the local architectural studio (and the people who work there) hasn’t changed. The studio is still locally owned by Duncan McPherson and Nathan Bryant, who’ve both been with the firm for 20+ years.

So why the name change? “Altura” means height, altitude, a high place; It’s a tribute to the mountains surrounding AVL and symbolizes the studio’s commitment to a high level of service + design excellence.

Ashevillians can continue to count on the studio for:

  • Timeless, custom architecture
  • Being trusted guides each step of the way
  • Sustainable design principles
  • Exceptional artistic vision that reflects 828’s mountain region

See the studio’s recent work.*

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