The latest silo mural update in Asheville, NC

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Good morning, Asheville. Yesterday, moments after we learned about its latest revision, we took a spin + snapped a pic of the updated silo mural in the River Arts District. Then we raced home to share it on social media with y’all.

While we have enjoyed seeing all its iterationsmore on that in a moment — the latest one felt especially meaningful. Reading “Stay True,” the message from local muralists Ian the Painter + Ishmael really resonated with us. From existential pandemic angst to our own personal struggles, it came at a time when we were working hard to balance everything and just get through our day. Those words really came through as the reminder we needed to stay true to ourselves, our families, our communities, and each other.

The pandemic has brought on more changes for the iconic silo than it’s seen in many a moon. In March, the artists changed the mural’s message from “Stay Weird” (which it had been since February of last year) to “Stay Home,” ostensibly to help drive home the importance of the governor’s Stay Home Order, which was also issued in March. For the five years prior to “Stay Weird,” the silo’s message read “Good Vibes.

Every time the artists change things up, y’all have a reaction — and things were no different for the silo’s new “Stay True” message. Here’s what some of y’all said about it:

  • “We can’t love ❤️❤️❤️ this enough!” - @ashevillerooftopbartours
  • “Strong work as always from them” - @kevnpalme
  • “Beautiful !!! 🙌 🤘 - @ladyjdarnell
  • “Nice! Better than stay weird. Miss good vibes. 😘” - @hide7Iam
  • “Love it!” - @killerketocook

Asheville, our hope for you is for you to Stay Weird, Stay Home (as long as you can before safely venturing out), and maybe most importantly, Stay True. And never forget to share your Good Vibes.

We love hearing your thoughts on all things Asheville, so naturally, we want to get your input on each of the silo’s iterations. Which is your favorite? Tell us here. 👇


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